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3 Commonly Asked Questions.


When visiting a bedding store, it can be quite overwhelming when each aisle is devoted to different types of bedding and all the different names may also differ from each store or website as well. At the Manchester factory we like to make things nice and easy for our customers, so we have provided you with the answers to the top 3 most commonly asked questions. 

1. What is Quilt? What is a coverlet and how is it different from a bedspread?

 A quilt is also commonly known as a duvet or continental quilt or here in Australia it is called a doona. Traditionally a doona/quilt is used as the top layer of bedding and sits above the flat sheet. A quilt is made up of a front and back panel, which is generally made from cotton, polyester or bamboo and have a fill which is then all sewn together. The fill type varies depending on the quilt and depending on the season in which the quilt is being used from Wool, Down, Cotton, Bamboo, and Microfiber. 

To view our full collection of Quilts see here.

A modern twist on the classical bedspread customers are opting for a coverlet. A coverlet goes on top of your bed ,which can replace a quilt or simply go on top of a quilt ,this makes a great option if you are looking for versatile bedding .Being versatile means that when it’s not being used or you still may use a quilt ,a coverlet can simply be folded up to the end of the bed and used a decoration.

Unlike bedspreads which are a lot larger and heavier, coverlets are typically made from cotton, polyester, velvet, and mixed blends this makes coverlets perfect for any season as well as easy to care for. Another benefit of using a coverlet as opposed to a bedspread is that typically a bedspread touches the ground, it covers the pillows and it quite heavy. Whereas a coverlet they are typical the same size of the quilt cover or they may be a size that is suitable for two size such as a single/double (220x 200cm) and Queen/King (260x 240cm) meaning that you will get a beautiful drop on each side of the mattress.

To see our range of coverlets see our collection.

2. What are sateen sheets compared to percale and muslin weave sheets?

At the Manchester Factory our most common weave sheet type is Sateen, it's the closest thing you can get to a satin weave without having to deal with its high cost and fragility. The one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave sateen exposes more thread surface, giving it a silky feel and luxurious sheen. Naturally wrinkle-resistant, Sateen is more tightly woven and therefore typically heavier in weight than percale, making it ideal for year-round comfort ,they are less likely to pill or tear even with repeated use and washing .
Our most popular sateen sheets at the Manchester Factory are the sienna living bamboo cotton sheets.

On the other hand, if you love a crisp sheet, you may prefer Percale sheets that have a tight, flat cotton weave with a crisp feel that resembles a dress shirt when ironed. Having percale sheets don’t mean they need ironing, which leaves for a more relaxed natural look. Percale sheets are also a great option as it breathes well for those who may be warm sleepers.

A very popular option at the Manchester Factory is the Actil First Line Sheets and these are neither sateen or percale. Actil are made from a 100% cotton with a muslin weave with every wash the fabric gets softer and smoother, making it the first choice for leading hotels and generations of Australian homemakers. These sheets are loved as much for their classic style as their durability. With a 5 year/130 wash warranty, these sheets are an eternal favourite in homes and hotels.
To shop our Actil Collection please see our collection.

3. What is the difference between a combo set and a sheet set?

It is quite common for our customers to say that they don’t use flat sheets and just store them in the cupboard. That's where at the Manchester factory we have the combo sets available to our customers. A combo set includes two pillowcases and a fitted sheet, this saves you money on the extra flat sheet that you may not be using.
A combo set is made up of:
2 x Standard Pillowcases
1 x Fitted Sheet 

Check out our full collection of combo sets here

A Sheet Set is made up of:
2 x Standard Pillowcases (1 for Single & King Single
1 x Fitted Sheet
1x Flat Sheet 

Check out our full collection of Sheet sets here 

To explore our complete collection of bedding see here

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