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Comparing Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheets


Comparing Cotton bedding to Bamboo bedding 

Who doesn’t love soft and luxurious sheets to snuggle up in when getting into bed?
When shopping for bedding it can be so confusing with the amount options that are put in front of us from choosing thread count, fabric composition, weave, colour, health benefits, cost and the feel of sheets.

What makes them all so different?

In recent years there has been an increase on the different types of sheets that have a lot more benefits then just cotton alone or are blending with cotton.

At the Manchester Factory our number one selling sheet is the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton not only is it beautiful to sleep on there are many benefits to the bamboo that we talk about below.

To highlight what sets bamboo cotton apart from other sheets, I have compared them to Egyptian cotton sheets which are also very commonly known as the highest quality sheet, but these are fibres are vastly different.

So, what are the differences between them both and what are the benefits of having Bamboo cotton as opposed to Cotton alone  

Comfort of Bamboo sheets vs Egyptian Cotton

Obviously the first thing we all look for when buying bedding, Egyptian cotton even though it is a breathable fabric which aids in absorbs water from the body. The cotton fabric has the capability to generate extra-long fibres which in turns means the ability for higher thread counts and conclusively means softer and more durable bedding.

However, there is a contrary bamboo sheets are considered naturally more breathable then cotton in fact they are 3 x more breathable. Bamboo can absorb sweat and does not stick to the body unlike cotton can tend to do especially during the warmer months. Due to the natural thermal regulating abilities the bamboo is a perfect all seasons choice in bedding.

When choosing bamboo sheets, it is recommended to look for those that are created with the sateen method as opposed to other weaves they will be a lot softer and ultimately a lot more comfortable.

Health Benefits of bamboo sheets vs Egyptian Cotton.

Not only is bamboo comfortable to sleep but they can be more beneficial for our health, bamboo has a special natural anti-bacterial property and are hypoallergenic this makes them perfect for allergy sufferers. Bamboo blended with cotton has moisture wicking abilities which can prevent the growth of bacteria in your bedding, this can mean that odours are prevented from clinging to your sheets. Because of the anti-microbial properties of bamboo, it keeps bugs and dust mites away from your bedding. Apart from cotton being gentle on the skin and breathable, cotton is known to have any health benefits

Durability of Bamboo sheets vs Egyptian Cotton

The durability of any sheet is dependent on so many things such as the fabric construction, thread count, thread length and cost but this also gives you no guarantee of the durability of the sheets.
When bamboo fibres are used in fabric, they are extremely durable to the nature of the naturally long fibres and the thin long fibres stretch the entire length of the sheet ,this not only makes the sheet durable for use which ultimately means they are more resistant to tearing and to less likely to pill like cotton alone sheets can. Unlike cotton alone and other fibres is unlikely to absorb body oils making them less likely to become discoloured over time.

Environmental Benefits of Bamboo sheets vs Egyptian Cotton

We now live in a world that is environmentally conscious and that what makes choosing bamboo sheets and easy pick, not only is bamboo extremely sustainable but bamboo is a rapidly renewable fibre which means it grows quickly. In Addition to this bamboo does not require the amount of chemicals and the excessive amounts of water that is needed to cultivate the crop.

Care of Bamboo sheets vs Egyptian Cotton

The best advice we can give to anyone buying any type of sheets is to follow the manufacturers care instructions. In saying that sometimes tags come off or there are not any instructions. When caring for your sheets we suggest reducing shrinkage and prevent wear is by washing both bamboo and cotton in cold water with only a mild detergent. When washing sheets it isn’t recommended to use bleach or harsh chemicals as this can cause a break of the natural fibres, and bamboo already has its own antibacterial properties.
When drying your sheets it is recommended for bamboo sheets to be air-dried and hung out on a clothesline this prevents any extra shrinkage that can sometimes occur with the use of the dryer. If the use of the dryer is needed, then we would recommend using the lowest setting. Typically, bamboo sheets will not need ironing like cotton sheets however if they do its also recommended to use a low heat setting.

**A tip that I was taught by my mother to help with cotton sheets that can sometimes help with the crinkles in the sheets  is the shake them out when getting them out of the machine before hanging them out on the line.

Summary of Bamboo Cotton

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • 3 x times more breathable then cotton.
  • Naturally Dust mite resistant.
  • Thermo-Regulating.
  • Piling is less likely.

So, if you are in the market for some new sheets give our Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton sheets a try for yourself and experience the comfort and luxury of these sheets for yourself.


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