Comparing Egyptian Cotton and Bamboo Sheets


Comparing Cotton bedding to Bamboo bedding 

It goes without saying there is nothing like a good night's sleep in new bedding to improve your quality of sleep and choosing the bedding that is suitable for your needs can be just as important as choosing a new bed. 

Shopping online for sheets can be confusing with the copious amount of options that are available for us to choose from.  

Where do you even start in the search for some new sheets? 

A common trend we have noticed is that customers are often opting for sheets that are an alternative to the traditional cotton or polyester blended sheets for sheets that are Bamboo or Linen. 

At the Manchester Factory, the #1 selling sheet set is the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton not only are they beautiful to sleep on there are many advantages to using Bamboo Cotton sheets as opposed to Egyptian cotton sheets. 

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What are Cotton Sheets?

Egyptian & Pima Cotton tends to be well known as the "king" of comfort and be of high quality for bed sheets. Both Egyptian & Pima Cotton sheets are commonly known for their durability and softness.


What Are Bamboo Sheets? 

Bamboo bed sheets have become more popular in the past couple of years with people searching for alternatives to standard cotton. Bamboo fabric is silky soft and remains soft wash after wash.



In comparison to cotton, the bamboo fabric is hypoallergic, moisture-wicking, and breathable ultimately meaning that bamboo sheets will keep your body warm in winter and help retain the heat, and will keep your body cool within the warmer months of the year. Being that bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic is a great alternative to people who have sensitive skin or allergies to dust mites for example. 

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The Environmental impact of bamboo vs cotton is another factor that we are seeing people take into consideration when purchasing new bedsheets. Simply bamboo does not require excessive pesticide water or harmful chemicals to grow or produce bamboo fabric. While it is known that cotton fabric can be quite harsh as it requires significantly more water. 



Durability apart from the cost is a huge factor that people take into consideration when purchasing bedding. How long is it going to last? Bamboo fabric is known to be more durable than standard traditional cotton fabric, as bamboo fibers are long and are stretched to the entire length of the sheet making them less likely to tear and to even pill. A major factor in the durability of the fabric is how the bedding is washed bamboo simply just needs cold water and line dried.

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As previously stated cost also is a significant factor when purchasing bedding from affordable to luxurious price tags and everything in-between for both cotton and bamboo bedding. At the end of the day, it goes on personal preference and budget.

At the Manchester Factory, we provide customers with a varied range of options in bedsheets including Cotton Rich, Microfiber, Pima Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Flannelette, Jersey, Linen, and Bamboo Egyptian Cotton. 


See what our customers are saying about the best bamboo Egyptian Cotton Sheets

"These are beautiful luxurious sheets. They have a wonderfully soft satiny luxurious feel plus they were very reasonably priced. I would recommend these sheets to any prospective buyer."- Christine W

"I was a bit wary ordering sheets & duvet sets online without being able to touch them, but after reading other reviews I decided to go for it. The sheets are wonderfully soft & seem to keep you warm & snuggly in the cold nights. And great value for money too. I love them" - Rachel F

"Loving these sheets, super soft and comfy, love the Pearl blue colour. They’re light and breathable, would be great all year round. Awesome fast delivery too!!" - Corinne D




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