Refresh For the New Year



Happy New Year! 

And just like that, it's 2021. 

Whether you are back at work or still on holiday, I'm sure you may have something on your list of things that you need to get done whilst having time off.

One of those tasks may be to freshen up or to change your style for the new year.


Being the start of a new year it's the best time to think when was the last time you changed up bedding on your bed or change something about your bedroom.


This doesn't have to only happen once a year, I like to change something in the room once every few months, Such as at the beginning of a new season.

It is also such an easy way to remember when you last purchased either a new pillow, a new quilt (doona, duvet), or even new sheets.



Here are some simple tips on how you can freshen up your room for the New Year or the new season.


Choose a Breathable Fabric for your sheets


Our most popular option all year round is the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Sheets. The composition of cotton bamboo fibers makes the fabric more breathable and temperature- regulating than other fabrics.

The woven bamboo fibers with cotton will combat the stretching that may happen to pure bamboo fabrics when wet.

In doing so this will then increase durability and ensure that the sheets are long-lasting.


Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Bedding Set 
The Sienna Living Bamboo cotton sheets are ideal for sensitive skins as they're hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to odors. They will keep you cool and dry as the fabric wicks moisture away from your body. 


These sheets are also:

  • Incredibly soft to the touch, even more so than cotton.
  • More breathable, allowing heat to escape and keeping you from being too warm at night.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and moisture reducing, limiting your exposure to dust mites and mildew.
  • More durable than any sheets of any other material, our sheets are blended with cotton to ensure they don't stretch out of shape when wet.



Grab a New Quilt for the season

If you are in New South Wales or even most places around Australia we are meant to be in the middle of our summer however we haven’t had a summer its been a bit cool with a few muggy nights of sleep.
But that ok we have got you covered. Why not invest in a Sienna Living All Seasons Bamboo Quilt, that way it’s got you covered whether it be Cold or hot.


Sienna Living Down & Feather Collection 


Other options that may also be suitable and are rated all-season include the Sienna Living 50% Duck Feather & 50% DownTontine Luxe Classic anti- Allergy quilt, and the Jason 300gsm Wool Quilt.
So why not start the New Year with a fresh bed, head to the website and shop our extensive collection of bedding. 


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