Caring for your Towels.


Keep Your Towels Feeling Newer for Longer!!

Quite often we get asked when people are buying towels how do I care for them? How do I get my towels to last longer?

So, to keep your towels feeling new, soft and in a new condition we recommend following the manufacturers recommendations but sometimes this may not be an option due to tags falling off or fading.

There are a few tips that we like to give to our customers on caring for your new towels:


Wash towels in either cold to warm (40 deg) water on a gentle machine wash, the occasional hot (40-60 deg ) cycle can be  used as well which will remove any build-up of oils and bacteria.

Line drying your towels in the shade is ideal to maximizes softness, if using a dryer is needed, ensure that the dryer is set to a medium to warm setting and ensure they are completely dry before placing the towels in the cupboard.

Before using your new towels, we recommend washing them prior to use.

To keep your towels feeling new we suggest that towels are washed every three to four uses as opposed to days, but this is of course a personal preference.

Sheridan Australia recommend protecting the fibres of your towels, they recommend using a gentle eucalyptus-based washing detergent for superior colour retention, so they look beautiful for longer.

A little tip I was taught by my grandmother was to put a good amount of vinegar in with your wash occasionally to remove any build up of detergent and may kill any looming bacteria in the towels.I do this when washing majority of my linen. 


For white towels we recommend avoiding washing them with other colours as washing them with colours as it may cause the colours to bleed to run into your white towels.

We recommend to our customers that you do not use bleach. Similar cleaning products containing bleach should kept separately from towels as bleach will cause discoloration.

It is not recommended that customers do not use any fabric softeners or conditioners when washing towels as this will repel water and will effectively reduce the absorbency of your new towels.

Before using your new towels, we recommend washing them prior to use.

Avoid Dry Cleaning your towels.

When doing a load of towels ensure you minimize the crowding of the towels in the machine so there is enough room for them to soak and wash correctly.

So, in saying all the how long should one expect a towel to last in good condition? That is a tricky one because it would depend on how often it is washed used etc. Some people say they can get up to 10 years of use of their towels when investing in good quality ones whereas some other say towels should be replaced at the 2-year mark for them to keep their absorbency.  So, the answer to this one is simply it is up to you for how often you replace your towels.

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  • Jess Goode