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Caring for Cotton Blankets

As summer has well and truly set in here in Australia it can tend to be quite warm some people choose to opt for a blanket over a heavy quilt.Cott...

How to reduce wrinkles in your bedding.

Nothing beats the feeling of freshly washed sheets straight off the line after they have been drying in the sun all day. As it is commonly known n...

Caring for your sheets.

We all want bedding that is going to last a long time and we all may have different thoughts on how long our bedding should last for. But how long should our sheets last? Some people say no more then 2 years so people ,some say 10-15 years and other have ranging from 3-5 years.
These are just some of the responses you may get when searching online or asking people how long you should have you bed sheets for no wonder why it can be so confusing.

Reasons why you may need to change your Pillow!

If you are finding yourself waking up with an uncomfortable neck each morning, this may be an indication your pillow may be lacking proper support for your sleeping style. Other signs to look for include stains and discoloration or increased allergies this tends to look like yellowing of the pillow this tends to mean their is a build up of sweat and bacteria in the pillow..