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The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers


Finding the right pillow to suit your needs and sleep preferences can be such a tough task. 

When customers come into the store and ask for help looking for a pillow one of the first questions that I like to ask is are they are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a tummy sleeper as this helps narrow down what pillow are suitable 

Side sleeping is the most common sleep position not only is it a gives your neck and spine support that's needed. Side sleepers need to fill the gap between their shoulder and Ears. A pillow that creates an up or downward tilt of your neck could be creating you discomfort. We recommend a medium to high profile pillow (depending on your size) with a firm fill.

According to Dunlopillo typically it is recommended that high profile pillows provide extra height and support for those who prefer to sleep on their sides, or people with larger frames.

Medium Profile Pillows are ideal for all sleeping positions and side sleepers with an average body frame who are looking for maximum comfort with a degree of support.

Low profile pillows are  ideal for tummy sleepers, as well as back and side sleepers with relatively small body frames.

Read further as we discuss what we believe as the best pillows for side sleepers in our collection.

1. Easyrest Medium Memory Contour Pillow 

The Memory Foam Contour pillow by easyrest, is a contoured memory foam pillow that offers added support to the neck and shoulders.
Visco-elastic Memory Foam offers luxurious support whilst relieving pressure points on the head and neck. Memory foam regains its shape in seconds and molds to the shape of the head and neck.  A memory foam pillow isn’t for everyone, as the sensation of sleeping on one differs from the usual pillow experience.  This is not to say they aren’t comfortable, it allows your head to rest naturally deep within the pillow.

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2. Easyrest Medium Latex Pillow 

The Latex Medium Profile pillow offers medium profile support, suitable for back and side sleepers.  Talalay Latex offers superior comfort and exceptional support.  Improved pincore ventilation system for a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.This pillow highly responsive to providing effective pressure relief. It springs back into shape instantaneously and also supports the head and neck and you move position in the night.

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3.Easyrest Cloud Support Memory Fibre 
The Cloud Support Memory Fibre pillow offers medium support suitable for side and back sleepers. This pillow is filled with unique Memotech™ fibre. Memotech™ fibre minimizes the pressure points on your head and neck and offers slow recovery.

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We have a pillow for everyone's needs at the Manchester Factory check out our full collection. 



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