The Ultimate Guide to Buying Sheets for your Bed.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have good sheets!

When you spend an average of 7 Hours in bed each day, why not invest in some comfortable sheets that you can look forward to just climbing into each night after a long day. With so many options that made available, it can be hard to know where to start looking at what sheets to buy.

Read our guide to finding the right sheets for your needs!

What is Thread Count?

Some how we all got on the bandwagon with believing the higher the thread count better the sheets and that was the determining factor when buying sheets.
There are so many factors to taken into consideration when purchasing sheets and its more than just thread count.

Thread count is the number of threads that are woven into one square inch of fabric. Meaning that it is based on threads that are woven vertically and horizontally and sometimes even extra thread can be added to the weave to increase the thread count of the fabric.

Cotton sateen are threads that are woven quite tightly together on top of the fabric which give the bedding that super luxe soft feeling typically you will find thread count ranging from 400-1000 thread count, typical it is  the higher the thread the thicker the sheet will be. A perfect example is our gorgeously luxe Sienna Living American Pima Sheets.

A cotton percale fabric is a weave that breathes and typically has a thread count of 225 to 400 single threads. When looking at Linen, Bamboo cotton and Tencel thread count matters even less.

At the Manchester Factory our Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton sheets are by far our bestselling sheets. Not only are the Sienna Living bamboo Cotton sheets super soft and having that feeling of luxury to them are breathable, hypoallergenic and they thermoregulate body temperature which makes them perfect for all year round however they have a thread count of 400.

At the Manchester Factory we a have the Morgan and Spencer Cotton Rich sheets, which are a cotton and polyester blend. Thread count in the cotton rich sheets can begin at 1000 and go upwards of 2500 thread count.

Now that we have got Thread count out of the way what are all the different types of sheets.

What is Flannelette?

We tend to think of flannelette as being “old Fashioned” of “Retro” and there were the sheets are parents and grandparents used to put on our beds when we were younger. In winter we tend to buy things such as heater, quilts, blankets and even warmer socks that will keep you super warm and cosy especially if you live in the colder states ,but what about your sheets its time to pop away those icy cold cotton sheets that you are climbing into each night and  invest in so “old school” flannelette sheets.
You Can Shop Our Flannelette Range Here

What is American Pima?

At the Manchester Factory we have stock the Sienna Living 1000TC American Pima Sheets. Pima is still not very known as opposed to Egyptian cotton. So, what is American Pima? American pima is a higher-end type of cotton which is made up of a longer fibre as opposed to standard conventional cotton. Pima cotton tends to produce a smoother fabric that is soft to the touch, is known as wrinkle resistant and a lot more durable then standard cottons.

Manufacturers say that Pima cotton can have upwards of a 50% longer life expectancy then other cotton sheets which makes Pima a great investment option.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

100% Egyptian Cotton and finished in a smooth, crisp sateen weave making it easy care. Egyptian cotton sheets are known to be durable, breathe well, and will soften after every wash.

What is Cotton Rich?

Cotton rich is a term used for fabrics that have a higher component of cotton than polyester. The fabric is a blend. This sort of fabric generally is a CVC fabric which has one side cotton and the other side polyester which differs from traditional cotton/polyester yarn sheeting.These sheets provide a far less expensive options, easy to launder and sometimes can be a lot more durable then natural fibres and still feel quite luxurious to the touch.
You can shop our Morgan and Spencer Cotton Rich Sheets Here 

Other sheets on the market that you may see Hemp Tencel/Eucalyptus, Supima, Silver, Charcoal Infused just to mention a few.

What are the best sheets to buy that don’t pill and don’t need to much ironing?

Unfortunately, this is not a simple answer. Polyester is required in the fabric to prevent crinkling however having polyester in a fabric may increase the chances of pilling. Fabrics such as 100% cotton, bamboo, linen and cotton bamboo blends will all crinkle. Without a polyester component to the fabric construction there is nothing to hold the fabric in a sense providing easy care.

Pilling however can be caused by numerous things such as using a top loader with a high spin setting and washing sheets with other fabrics causing rubbing. We always recommend washing sheets separately to help prevent this. Pilling also can be caused by general use such as pj's rubbing against the sheets.

What is a combo set?

At the Manchester Factory a combo set is a combination set which excludes a flat sheet normally. It normally includes a fitted sheet and pillowcases only.

What is included in a sheet set?

At the Manchester Factory a sheet set will always include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases (1 pillowcase for single and king single sizes).

What fabrics breathe the best?

We recommend using cotton, linen and cotton bamboo bedding if you are looking for bedding that will breathe and allow the skin to breathe. Natural fibres are best to do this as polyester type fibres tend to trap air pockets in causing the skin to sweat.

I have a pillow top on my mattress and the fitted sheet always seems to fling up what do you recommend?

Normally fitted sheets come with a 40cm deep skirt. If you require a deeper fitted sheet, we do offer mega queen and mega king sizes which are 50cm in depth. We recommend using these sizes than placing a king sheet on a queen bed as the corner seams will not line up perfectly causing an incorrect and loose fit on the mattress.

Product Sizing

General Australian product sizes. Please refer to the product specifications in case of variation.

Sheet Sizing (AU)

Single Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet: 91x193x40cm Skirt 
1 x Flat Sheet: 180x250cm
1 x Pillowcase: 48x73 + 15cm

King Single Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet: 107x203x40cm Skirt
1 x Flat Sheet: 200x260cm
1 x Pillowcase: 48x73 + 15cm

Double Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet: 137x193x40cm Skirt
1 x Flat Sheet: 228x250cm
2 x Pillowcases: 48x73 + 15cm

Queen Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet: 152x203x40cm Skirt
1 x Flat Sheet: 250x264cm
2 x Pillowcases: 48x73 + 15cm

King Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet: 183x203x40cm Skirt
1 x Flat Sheet: 280x264cm
2 x Pillowcases: 48x73 + 15cm

Super King Sheet Set
1 x Fitted Sheet: 203x203x40cm Skirt
1 x Flat Sheet: 290x270cm
2 x Pillowcases: 48x73 + 15cm

Mega Queen Fitted Sheet 152x203x50cm Skirt
Mega King Fitted Sheet 183x203x50cm Skirt

So, when you're in the market for some new sheets take some time to read the description of the sheets, you may just find what you are looking for a lot easier.

See and Experience our Range of sheets at the Manchester Factory on our website.



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