4 Reasons Why You Need a Down Pillow?


Finding the perfect pillow and understanding the different options can sometimes be difficult for buyers to navigate.

Below is a guide for you use when buying down/feather pillows and how you can buy your perfect pillow from the Manchester Factory.

What are Down/Feather Pillows?

The down is which grows under the outer protective layer of feathers. The down clusters are resilient and fluffy with no quill, and are extremely light with superior loft.
As a general guideline when buying down pillows that the higher ratio of down, the loftier and more supportive the pillow will be. This is the same way for feather pillows the higher ratio of feather, the firmer the pillow is.


Down/Feather Options available at the Manchester Factory


“I have not had a headache or sore neck since buying my puradown goose down and feather pillow. Brilliant.”
 Pamela – Online Customer 



Benefits of Owning a Down/ Feather Pillow

  • Typically a down pillow last a lot longer than a synthetic made pillow often lasting upwards of 5- 10 years if the pillow is a good quality of down and is well cared for.
  • Down pillows are very soft and will mould to the shape of neck and head this makes these pillows quite perfect for a tummy and side sleeper
  • Warmth- Down and Feathers retain some warmth yet still remain breathable. This means that you head will be kept at a suitable temperature throughout the night especially on those quite hot summer nights.
  • At the Manchester factory our selection of down pillows are Puradown Pillows that are made here in Australia.

Things to consider before purchasing down pillows

  • It is important to choose a pillow that is the appropriate size for your bed and body. If you have a double or queen size bed, a standard size pillow is probably your best choice.
  • At the Manchester Factory we recommend to our customers before purchasing any pillow that they also invest in a protective pillow cover. This plain, zippered case protects your pillow while inside your pillowcase. It will help keep your pillow clean and reduce the number of times you'll need to clean the pillow 
    Available in cotton ,bamboo, anti-allergy and waterproof pillow protectors
  • When caring for down pillow it is important the care instructions are followed and this may mean that your down pillow is – Dry clean only.
  • Potential downfalls for some people is that down and feather doesn't often provide enough support in their neck or shoulders
  • Allergies & asthma


Experience the benefits of a luxurious down pillow for yourself or shop our extensive range of pillows on our website.

If you’re unsure on which down/feather pillow is right for your needs. Please reach out to one of our friendly customer service team or find us on Facebook and Instagram. 


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