Top 6 Benefits of Purchasing Memory Foam Pillows



When buying pillows it can be overwhelming and time-consuming trying to understand with all the option of fibres and fills that are available.

Selecting the right pillow can make such a difference in your sleep.

Have you ever considered a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows are made from polyurethane, this kind of plastic that is found in a variety of products such as mattresses and sofas.

Memory foam changes shape and depth under pressure and after the pressure is released it returns to its original shape.

This allows the consumer to adjust the pillow to their own needs whilst providing the extra neck and head support that’s needed.


Shop from our Collection of Memory foam pillows.


Memory foam is both soft and smooth without lumps.


Just like latex pillows, memory foam pillows also come in a variety of sizes and contours.


The Benefits of using a memory foam pillow?

  1. Provides Support to neck and shoulders
  2. Can Provide relief on pressure points
  3. May Help with Snoring
  4. Spine Alignment
  5. Easy to care
  6. Durable


At the Manchester Factory, we have a large collection of memory foam pillows below are some of our biggest sellers.


  1. Tontine Comfortech Gel-infused Memory Foam Pillow

    Perfect for those warm Australian Summer nights approaching. This lightweight Aircell gel-infused memory foam pillow combines the support of memory foam with the cooling properties of the gel. 
    The removable mesh cover encourages air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

  2. Easy Rest Memory foam Medium Profile Pillow

    This pillow is perfect for back and side sleepers. This pillow also includes a bonus health guard treated cotton/poly velour pillow protector for a healthier night’s sleep.


Browse here for our complete range of memory foam pillows online or pop into our retail store in Marrickville and our customer service team can help you find the perfect pillow for your needs.


Alternatively, if memory foam isn't right for your check out our extensive variety of pillows.

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