What makes Flannelette the perfect bedding for winter?


Choosing the right bedding for the right time of year can be hard, especially where it can be highly dependent on what part of the country that you live in. The colder months can be a time where we spend that extra bit of time in bed and you want it to be a place that is warm and comfortable and easy to get to sleep in ,without waking up in the middle of the night cold ,or even that not so nice feeling of climbing into bed and the sheets are cold. That’s where having a set of Flannelette sheets can be so useful just like owning a pair of flannelette pj's.

What is Flannelette

Flannelette is a loosely woven fabric that can be made from not only cotton but wool and synthetic fibres such as microfibre. Flannel is most known for its warmth, affordability, and softness, especially known for keep the bed nice and cosy during the colder months of the year. However, unlike other bedding flannelette uses a weight indicator rather than a thread count to measure the quality of the flannelette. The measurement that is used is in grams per square meter or referred to as GSM. A higher GSM means more warmth and better quality of flannelette.

Alternative to Flannelette

Maybe flannelette isn’t your cup of tea or maybe its simply to warm where you live to invest in flannelette. There is an alternative that is just as warm and can be used all year around. Jersey sheets are typical made from cotton but can made in wool and synthetic fibres. They have same feel are your favourite T-shirt that you have had in the cupboard forever. Cotton jersey sheet sets are extremely stretchy and soft to the touch. Reason being these sheets are not rough, rather soft and cozy as the fabric.

How to care for flannelette sheets

Flannelette is quite easy to care for and can last a long time when the care instructions are followed. At the Manchester Factory we always recommend that our customers follow the manufacturer care instructions that are provided on the sheets themselves or on the packaging.

Being that flannelette is simple to care for here are some simple tips in caring for them: Wash Flannelette in warm or cold water, we recommended no higher than 30 deg and if the dryer is needed to dry the sheets only tumble dry them on a warm setting, it is highly recommended though if you have a clothes line dry the sheets outside this will also reduce any piling that can occurs. It is also recommended when washing flannelette that you do not use fabric softener as this will stiffen the fabric and cause a pilling issue.

We are only halfway through winter and if you are looking to invest in some new flannelette or jersey sheets see the fantastic options for flannelette and alternatives that we have available at the Manchester Factory

  1. Sheridan Luxury Cotton Flannelette
    Our biggest seller in our flannelette collection the blissful warm and breathable comfort of Sheridan's Luxurious Cotton Flannelette. Crafted from quality, brushed both sides to give the fabric a super-soft texture, these sheets offer the ultimate in next to skin softness and warmth. Durable and easy-care coordinate perfectly with the Sheridan winter range. Snuggle up this winter with a little bit of Sheridan Luxury.
  1. Linen House Plain Dyed Flannelette Sheet Set
    Made from only the softest, fluffiest quality brushed 100% cotton. The classic Linen House's plain-dyed flannelette sheet sets offer that incredibly cosy warmth everyone adores in winter. What makes this range a more popular option is that it is available in 5 contemporary colours and with a cuffed and piped flat sheet for a smart finish, these sheets will make hibernation a time to look forward to. With its basic design and neutral colours, Flannelette Sheet Set is easily matched with your favourite quilt.
  2. Kingtex Micro Flannelette Sheet Set
    The micro flannelette range by Kingtex will keep you warm throughout the winter period. Featuring a soft brushed microfibre texture which ensures that the fabric is soft against the skin. Thermal flannelette is the ideal for choice for your bedding collection as it is easy care and wrinkle resistant.

“Absolutely amazing can be freezing cold but your bed is warm as toast as soon as you lie down. (we live in Tassie so use them 3/4 of the year)”
– Customer Review

  1. Bambury BedT Jersey Sheet Set
    Made from 100% cotton, these beautiful soft jersey sheets are as comfortable and breathable as your favourite T-shirt. Some people use them in summer but because they are as cosy as your favourite shirt they are just as cosy to use in winter as well.

For our full range of flannelette continue to our see our full collection of flannelette, if you have any further questions about flannelette you are more then welcome to reach out to us.

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  • Jess Goode