What's the Low-Down on Feather & Down Bedding


The classical Quilt is also known here in Australia is known as a doona can be quite a significant investment that you can make for your bed apart from the bed itself. Sometimes this can often be the hardest to get right as everybody has different sleeping preferences. 

At the Manchester Factory whether you are a hot or cold sleeper and whether you prefer synthetic or natural materials we have the perfect quilt for you. 

Down bedding is quite a popular option in bedding not only is it soft and cuddly but there are options for all year round and did you know that it's not just a winter-only product however there are options for all seasons.


So What is a Down/Feather Quilt?

According to Purax Australia Down is the soft and fluffy clusters that grow under the outer layer of Geese and Ducks to protect them from the cold. Down is lighter and has better insulation capabilities than normal feathers. The more down content the better the quilt will be for warmth and quality.

So the high the down percentage in a quilt the warmer the quilt will be. 

There are three main categories of feather/ down quilts at the Manchester factory 50/50 Duck known as an all-seasons quilt, 80/20 Duck (warm), and 80/20 Goose ( Warmest). 

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Quilt Construction 

Very simply you want to make sure the down/feather quilt that you are purchasing is boxed constructed also known as baffle box) as opposed to the vertical channeling. Box construction is where the top and bottom layers of the cotton casing are stitched right through together in a grid of square compartments.

Each compartment is completely sealed so feather and down filling cannot move between the compartments and you won’t have to keep readjusting the quilt and it will stay evenly distributed throughout the whole quilt. 

Ethical Sourced Australian Duck Down And Feather

We have a range of Goose & Duck down quilts that are made in Melbourne Australia at Purax Feather Holdings. Our feather-down quilts are ethically sourced Australian down and feather. Our down is a by-product from Luv a duck based in Nhill VIC. They breed ducks for eating and we get the down and feather from their farm.


Manufacturing Process 

The down and feathers are washed with special soaps and disinfectants to remove all impurities - washed a second time to ensure all impurities were removed. The down and feather are separated to ensure the quality of the feather is of the finest grade and quality. Once confirmed we then proceed to remove the dust from feathers which can cause allergies via our de-dusting procedure.

Once this stage is complete the down and feather are air blown into our high-quality cotton japara box cassette casings to ensure the filling is evenly distributed throughout the whole quilt. Our complete quality control process is managed right here in Australia.

The Sienna living Down & Feather Collection are not only Australian made but they also come with a 5 Year manufacturing warranty*.


Warmth Rating 

At the Manchester Factory, we have a scale of 1-5 on which is rate the warmth of our quilts 5 being the warmest and great for the winter and 1 is perfect for the warmer months such as hot Australian summer.


Quilt Guide:

All Seasons Quilt - 50% Duck Down 50% Duck Feather

3.5 blankets out of 5

Winter Quilt - 80% Duck Down 20% Duck Feather

4 blankets out 5


Extreme Winter Quilt - 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather

5 blankets out of 5


All Year Round 2 in 1 Quilt - 4 Seasons 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather

Quilt 1 - 1.5 blankets out 5

Quilt 2 - 3 blankets out of 5

Clipped together - 4.5 blankets out 5


Benefits of Down Quilts 

  • Lightweight but still holds the warmth
  • Durable and Long-Lasting 
  • Machine Washable and Dry Cleanable 
  • Breathable 
  • Box Construction allows for maximum loft


To find out more, take a look at our Sienna Living Down and Feather Collection and take a look at our full bedroom range


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