Reasons why you may need to change your Pillow!


As a general rule we recommend that customers buy their pillows every 18-24 months however memory foam can last a lot longer than your standard synthetic pillows.

Also, a more expensive pillow may tend to last a lot longer than an inexpensive one due to the quality of the fill and cover that the manufacturer uses. Another good way to know that it is time to invest in a new pillow is that you  just are not getting the support or sleeping as comfy  that you once did  with your pillow.


This may not seem like too long...

When you are spending a fair bit of money on a pillow but when you think about the use it gets at about approximately 7-8 hours of use per night which works out to be around 2500 hours per year makes it a great investment for a good night sleep. 


If you are finding yourself waking up with an uncomfortable neck each morning...

This may be an indication your pillow may be lacking proper support for your sleeping style. Other signs to look for include stains and discoloration or increased allergies this tends to look like yellowing of the pillow this tends to mean their is a build up of sweat and bacteria in the pillow.


To extend the length of the pillow and to the pillow clean as possible we recommend to customers they use a pillow protector and simply a good way to remember to wash them is every time you wash your sheets ,you simply just take off the pillow protector as well and pop it in the machine at the same time.


If you believe you are in need of a new pillow shop from our extensive collection.


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