Why is my bedding look like it is going yellow?


Why does bedding go yellow?



Even if wash frequently your bedding is clean it can still go yellow.


This is due to a couple of factors, which can happen over a period time, these include Sweat, body products(lotion, perfumes)bodily fluids, skin oils and other topical skin products.



So what do we recommend if your sheets are turning yellow? 



Bleach may seem a quick and easy solution to get rid of those yellow stains.


However, using bleach may contribute to sheets yellowing over time due to how it oxidises and reacts to the fluids.

Bleach may also break down the fibres of the sheets due to the harshness of the chemicals. 



The best trick to minimizing the yellow stains is all-natural Sunlight, which may also help brighten the sheets.



Another trick that may help you reduce the yellowing in your sheets.



A 1/2 cup of baking soda is a natural and safe alternative to bleach. You can mix it directly into your wash along with your preferred detergent. Instead of a traditional fabric softener, it's recommended using a 1/2 cup of vinegar as an alternative. 


Vinegar is incredibly effective at cutting through oils and grease that have been trapped in the fibres of your bedsheets.


Lastly, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions and this information is generally found on the product or the packaging. 


Say hello to some new bedding today. 

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