Why Latex Pillows?


When buying pillows it can be confusing and time-consuming trying to understand with all the option of fibres and fills that are available.


Selecting the right pillow can make such a difference in your sleep.


Have you ever considered latex pillows?


Latex is made from the sap of a specific rubber tree. The sap is foamed to create a large number of air bubbles which are what gives the pillow is soft and bouncy texture.


Whether you are a back, tummy or a side sleeper latex pillow come in different height profiles and contours.


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Undeniable Benefits of Latex

  • Long-Lasting
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and antifungal making it a hygienic choice
  • Stays cooler in hot weather
  • Latex repels dust mites and the growth of bacteria
  • Provides Support to neck and shoulders
  • May relieve pain and pressure
  • Helps to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature
  • Easy to care for.


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  • Jess G