Cushions are decorative, comfortable and a great way to add some interest to a room. Mix and match them for a fun and unique look!

Adding a splash of colour to your living room, bedroom or any room can be done with these fun and colourful scatter cushions. Mix and match them for that perfect look that you have been searching for. These cushions can also be used as a finishing to a couch, allowing you to create a unique environment in your home.

Explore the range of bed cushions and lounge cushions at the Manchester Factory. Our extensive range of beautiful cushions allows you to mix and match shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics to suit your very own individual style.

Still looking for some inspiration on styling your bedroom have a read our guest blog with an interior designer. 

Shop from our collection today from brands such as Bambury, Linen House and many more. 


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Bedding House Viooltjes 43x43cm Cushion
$54.99 $135.00
Bambury Asscher Lilac 30x60cm Cushion
$87.99 $98.00

Why do I need a cushion?

  • Cushions can really set the tone of your space and are an easy way to transform any room or add any finishing touches. When styling your living or bedroom area with cushions we recommend first considering what your colour palette is. By doing so you can filter through your search and create a more harmonious look without overpowering your space. 
  • Pops of colour and uniquely shaped cushions are also a fun way to add statement pieces to your home. We also recommend experimenting with different textures to give more visual appeal and add a textual effect to your space.

How often should I replace my cushions?

  • How often you should be replacing your cushions is going to depend on how much use they are getting. Keeping in mind that cushions will accumulate dust particles and can also absorb dead skin cells, we recommend that you change your cushions every 6-24 months. 
  • A good tip is that once your cushion stops bouncing back to its original shape then it is time to replace it. Also, many cushions have removable cushion covers, which are washable. 
  • Be sure to check the manufacturer's care guide for specified cleaning instructions as it may not be machine washable and will require a separate hand wash.

How do I care for my cushions?

  • Typically cushions will have a removable outer cover that can be cleaned. Before washing your cushion cover be sure to check the manufacturer's care guide as washing instructions will depend on the cushion fabric and construction.

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Where can I learn more about living  products at Manchester Factory? 

  • We encourage you to reach out to our friendly bedding experts if you have any further queries in regards to our living and dining collections. Simply reach out to our team. You can see our contact details here. We're always happy to help!