Sienna Living Hotel Luxury 1000GSM Mattress Topper

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Size: Queen
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Be swept away into a dreamland as your body is absorbed into a fluffy cloud-like microfibre cluster fill while you enjoy the most wonderful night's sleep imaginable.

  • Enjoy in the pinnacle of hotel comfort with this luxurious topper that, with the simple flip of a switch, transforms your bed into a fluffy heavenly cloud.
  • The quality microfibre cluster provides exceptional support to your body, assisting in the relaxation of your muscles and facilitating deeper sleep overall.
  • The quilted and walled structure keeps the microfibre cluster evenly distributed, increasing additional support.
  • The soft cotton japara cover promotes airflow, reducing overheating and keeping your skin cool all night.
  • It is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, making it an excellent alternative for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Mattress Topper Sizing (AU)

Single Size 91x193cm

Long Single Size 91x203cm

King Single Size 107x203cm

Double Size 137x193cm

Queen Size 152x203cm

King Size 183x203cm

Super King Size 203x203cm

Skirt can fit mattress up 50cm in depth.

300 Thread Cotton Cover
1000GSM quality microfibre cluster fill
OEKO-Tex Certified
Fully fitted skirt (Stretchable for mattresses up to 50cm)
Thickness: Approx 8cm

Machine washable. Recommended cool machine wash. Do not iron. May be warm tumble-dried. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Will my sheets fit with this mattress topper?

It's on a case-by-case basis. If your mattress is already 40cm in depth and you add the mattress topper we highly recommend buying a mega queen fitted sheet which has a depth 50cm. Will cater to those who have a 40cm deep mattress and need the extra depth for the fitted sheet.

The reason to go for the extra depth is so that you can get the fitted part of the sheet under the mattress. The seams should line up perfectly allowing you to smooth the top of the sheet out. We never recommend using a size-up fitted sheet on a smaller-size mattress as the seams won't line up making them fit loosely.

If my mattress is already 50cm in depth will my sheets fit over the mattress topper?

You will be adding extra depth to your mattress approx 8cm.

If your mattress is already 50cm deep and you add this topper you would need a 60cm deep fitted sheet for example.

Does the mattress topper retain the heat or are they cooling?

These toppers do not cool. They have a high-quality cotton japara cover to help them breathe however the filling is a high-grade microfibre which can tend to create heat for some. However, the experience with the product differs for different people. We recommend using natural fibre sheets and bedding to help allow your skin to breathe to wick moisture away from the body so you don't overheat. Any synthetics on top of your body will just trap the heat and you will sweat.

Can the mattress topper be put in the washing machine and dryer?

You would wash the mattress topper the same way you would launder a quilt that can be machine washed. However, they're very thick and you may need a commercial-size machine or large washing machine to wash. You can warm-tumble dry the mattress topper.

Can you have an electric blanket under the mattress topper?

We recommend that you use your electric blanket on top of your mattress topper. If you put it under the mattress topper, it might not pose a risk but it certainly won't transfer heat nearly as well as you would like.

If you prefer warmth over comfort then using the electric blanket over the topper is perfectly fine however it may affect how the topper feels as it is adding another layer.

Please remember you should not sleep with an electric blanket on and it should only be used to heat the bed up before sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Thelma keddie
Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old
Reason for purchase: I have a comfortable bed....So a mattress topper was perfect
Mattress Topper

Feels so comfortable.....I am very happy with my purchase....

Pamela Walsh
Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old
Reason for purchase: Comfort
Very Comfortable

Easy to put on the bed and oh so comfy

Andrea Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 40 to 60 years old
Reason for purchase: Comfort

Very happy

Loydette Boson
Gender: Female
Age: 40 to 60 years old
Reason for purchase: Fractured spine
Fractured spine

Fractured spine couldn't sleep on bed, bought mattress topper and pillow, can sleep on bed quite nicely again, though courier left it downstairs which I have 30, bad when you pay for couriers

Julie Panozzo
Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old
Reason for purchase: Bed not comfortable
Sleeping comfort topper

Loving my new bed topper. Is so soft and comfy and helps eases the pain in my hips. Like sleeping on a cloud. Very happy with it.

Bron Dowse
Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old
Reason for purchase: Hard mattress
Awesome product

Very happy with our purchase

Corrine Archer
Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old

Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old
Reason for purchase: Uncomfortable bed
Good price and swift delivery

I ordered a Concierge Mattress Topper as my rental accommodation has a very hard bed. My new topper was delivered quickly and is a dream to sleep on. I’m a very happy sleeper now.

Shaun Krstic
Gender: Male
Age: 25 to 39 years old

Very Impressed

Susan Butler
Gender: Female
Age: Above 60 years old

Concierge Hotel Linen Luxury 1000GSM Mattress Topper