Placemats & Napkins

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J.Elliot Avani Ivory Napkin Set of 4
$35.99 $42.99
J.Elliot Juno White Placemat Set of 4
$45.99 $54.99
J.Elliot Avani Ivory Placemat
$49.99 $58.99
RANS Elegant Hemstitch White Napkin
$7.99 $8.35
RANS Lollipop White Napkin
$4.99 $5.95
RANS Lollipop White Ribbed Placemat
$5.99 $6.95

What is a placemat?

  • A placemat is a small-sized covering, which designates an individual’s place setting. While decorative in nature and a great way to add a modern touch to your dining area, its purpose is also to protect your dining table from heat, scratches, stains and watermarks. 

What size and shape placemat do I need?

  • At the Manchester Factory, we stock a collection of rectangular an round placemats. When choosing what size placemat you are after, you should consider whether it will provide you with enough space to hold all the dinnerware that you need, as well as some extra space so your table setting does not look cluttered. 
  • When choosing what shape to go for, our tip is to go for a placemat that shares the same or similar shape as your dining table. To start with the most traditional of the two, we recommend that rectangular placemats are best suited for a square or rectangular dining table. Conversely, round placemats are more fitting for round dining tables. This is because the corners of a rectangular placemat may overlap, creating too much clutter.

What are napkins used for?

  • Dining Napkins are used to wipe food and drink from your mouth and also protect your clothing when enjoying a meal. Apart from these practical uses, napkins are also a great way to decorate your table setting in a sustainable way as they can be washed and reused. With our variety of different shaped, coloured and sized napkins you will be sure to find napkins that will coordinate with your table setting. 

What is the best material for napkins?

  • If you are looking for maximum absorbency and durability out of your napkins then we highly recommend going for 100% cotton or linen napkins. Arguably the more durable of the two, linen napkins have a sturdy weave and are very absorbent. 
  • If you are looking for a timeless addition to your dining space then we recommend you shop our collection of Bambury French Flax Linen Napkins, which have been pre-washed for added softness. For everyday use, we recommend going for a cotton napkin, which is easy to clean, soft and highly absorbent.  

How do I care for my napkins?

  • Before washing your napkins be sure to carefully check the manufacturer's care guide to ensure they can withstand a machine wash. Otherwise, wash separately by hand with cold water and a mild detergent.


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Where can I learn more about living  products at Manchester Factory? 

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