Also known as doonas or duvets in Australia, at the Manchester Factory we ensure that you and your family are comfortable and cosy all year round with our extensive range of quilts.

You can shop from our large range of Australia’s leading brands of quilt covers including Sienna Living, Tontine, Easyrest, Jason and many more! Save up to 60% on our range of quilts. Pair your quilt with one of many quilt covers at the Manchester Factory we really do have something for everyone’s taste and style requirements, from boho, vintage, floral, modern, and classic quilt covers for a perfectly timeless design.

Our most popular selling quilt is our bamboo quilt the Sienna Living Bamboo Fibre Quilt it’s the perfect quilt for the warmer months of the year. Featuring a 100% Bamboo fibre filling with a luxury 100% super soft cotton cover it is lightweight and lofty.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, odour-resistant, chemical-free, dust mite and mold-resistant, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. It wicks away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable in summer.

Our bmost popular all seasons quilt is the Sienna Living 50% Duck Down and 50% Duck feather quilt which is Australian and great for all year round.


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What is the best down alternative options?

  • Yes, we do! On our website we have many different options for winter and all seasons that are not feather down such a wool, microfibre, bamboo and cotton. You can see our full collection of quilts here.

What's the difference between quilts and coverlets?

  • While both quilts and coverlets do provide you with some level of warmth, there are some key differences. To start, a quilt, which is also known as a duvet or a doona, is essentially a filled bag that sits within a quilt cover and lays on top of all your bedding. Probably the most unique feature of quilts is that they come in a variety of fills whether that be bamboo, wool, down or other synthetic alternatives and weights. This is why there is a range of quilt warmth ratings as they are made for all different seasons and warmths. 
  • Coverlets on the other hand are a much thinner top layer, which may or may not be filled. Think of coverlets as lighter-weight alternatives to quilts. Not only are they a great bedding option for summer or hot sleepers, but they can also be added as an extra layer to your bed during the cooler months.
  • Another key difference is that coverlets already come in a range of patterns and designs making them a more cost effective choice as quilt covers are unnecessary. For a more comprehensive guide to coverlets check out our blog post here!

What is a quilt?

  • A quilt, which is also known as a duvet or a doona here in Australia, is essentially a filled bag that sits within a quilt cover and lays on top of all your bedding. Its primary purpose is to provide you with some level of warmth. When choosing what quilt is best suited to your needs, you should consider three things; its fill, weight and size. 

What is gsm?

  • Moving onto the weight of quilts, you will generally find that they are measured in grams per square metre (‘GSM’). Generally, the higher the GSM the warmer your quilt will be - although the weight will almost always depend on how heavy the fill itself is. To make it easy for you, you can filter your search by our seasonal quilt warmth rating here

How do I choose my size?

  • Quilts are typically always sold as mattress sizes. While you can always go for the same size as your mattress, we always recommend that your quilt be one size larger than your mattress unless you are shopping for a single sized quilt. 
  • Upsizing your quilt will avoid your quilt not being large enough to cover the whole bed particularly if you have a taller mattress. It will allow for there to be more hang over on each side, which not only results in a more luxurious look but it will also trap more warm air keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Do I need to upsize my quilt ?

  • Upsizing your quilt is such a simple way to elevate the look of your bedroom. Not only will upsizing your quilt add so much more aesthetic appeal to your bed as more drop on each side gives off a luxe hotel look, but there are just so many practical benefits too. 
  • First of all, upsizing your quilt is going to give you more warmth as there is less chance of any cold air entering either side as the extra weight will trap in all the warm air. This is particularly so for those with deeper mattresses, who really need that extra coverage as your corresponding quilt size may not be covering each side enough. 
  • Ultimately, upsizing your quilt is going to result in a more comfortable sleep for you and it is as easy as going for the next size up. For example, if you have a queen sized mattress opt for a king size quilt. 
  • Don’t forget to also size up in your quilt cover too! For more reasons why we recommend that you upsize your quilt, read our blog post here!

I am a hot sleeper. What is best for me? 

  • For hot sleepers, there is nothing better than a lightweight and breathable quilt that is going to regulate your body temperature and stop you from over-heating throughout the night. Our go to recommendation is always our Sienna Living Bamboo Quilt collection, which features a 100% bamboo fill and cotton japara cover and are conveniently machine washable.
  •  The beauty of bamboo is that it naturally has thermo-regulating properties, which keeps your body at the perfect temperature throughout the night ensuring that you are never too hot or cold. Bamboo is also the perfect choice for allergy sufferers as it is antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust mite and mould resistant! We stock our Sienna Living Bamboo Quilts in a SummerAll Seasons and Winter weight.

What other popular bedding options are available at the Manchester Factory? 

Where can I learn more about bedding at Manchester Factory? 

  • We encourage you to reach out to our friendly bedding experts if you have any further queries in regards to our bedding collection. Simply reach out to our team. You can see our contact details here. We're always happy to help!