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Ultimate Washing & Care Guide to Bamboo Cotton

    Now that you own some or maybe you’re planning on purchasing the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Collection, you will quickly see how these sheets ...

Why Sateen Weave Bamboo Bedding Is So Luxurious

Bamboo bedding has become a staple for many households, but not all bamboo bedding is created equal. Truly Luxurious bamboo sheets have both a sateen weave and an Egyptian cotton blend. What is 'Sateen Weave', and what makes an Egyptian cotton weave so special?

Read on to find out.

  • Jess G

What are bamboo cotton sheets?

Our most popular at the Manchester Factory is the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Collection but what is Bamboo Cotton? And why are they better than j...
  • Jess G

Introducing Blush

Introducing Blush: Our Newest Bamboo Cotton Shade  We're excited to share with you our newest shade in the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Range that...