Find your perfect pillow at the Manchester Factory that will have you sleeping on cloud nine with a pillow to suit everyone's sleeping style. Whether you're a back sleeper, side sleeper, or even a tummy sleeper there is plenty to select from. At the Manchester Factory, we carry an extensive collection of Feather & Down pillows for that sense of luxury.

Need help choosing a pillow that's going to provide neck and shoulder support? See our guide on Pillows Recommended by a chiropractor

Browse through our extensive collection of pillows that we have at the Manchester Factory from some of Australia's leading brands including Tontine, Easyrest, Puradown, Bambury, and Odyssey Living.



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Easyrest Back Rest
$44.99 $49.95
Easyrest Everyday European Pillow
$29.99 $49.95
Easyrest Everyday Regular Pillow
$20.00 $29.95
Alora 80% Duck Down 20% Feather Pillow
$69.99 $139.99
Sienna Living Bamboo Pillow
$59.99 $99.95
Easyrest Australian Wool Blend Pillow
$69.99 $89.95
Easyrest Latex Medium Profile Pillow
$89.00 $129.95
Easyrest Everyday Body Pillow
$44.99 $59.95
Easyrest Back Rest Faux Fur
$49.99 $79.95

Which pillow is going to support my neck and back?

  • Finding the right pillow can be a challenge, especially when you're shopping online. But we've got your back! We've asked local chiropractors which pillows they recommend for back and neck support

How often should I change my pillow?

  • It's recommended that pillows are changed every 1 to 2 years. This is because of the build-up of dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria that can accumulate on your pillow.
  • The longer you keep a pillow, the more likely it is that you'll be breathing in germs and dust mites when you're trying to get some shut-eye. 

What is the best pillow to sleep on? 

  • The best pillow to sleep on is going to be one that keeps your head, neck and spine in neutral alignment. To figure this out, our tip is to check to see that your ears are in line with your shoulders, and your chin with your sternum when lying down in your usual position.
  • Importantly, it is your sleep position that will depict what pillow is best for you. Generally, tummy sleepers should opt for a low profile medium-soft pillow, back sleepers should opt for a medium profile medium-firm pillow, and side sleepers should opt for a medium to high profile firm pillow.

What other popular bedding options are available at the Manchester Factory? 

Where can I learn more about bedding at Manchester Factory?

  • We encourage you to reach out to our friendly bedding experts if you have any further queries in regards to our living and bedding collections. Simply reach out to our team. You can see our contact details here. We're always happy to help!