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Sheridan Lovett Beach Towel (6939610349612)Sheridan Lovett Beach Towel (6939610349612)
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Sheridan Lovett Beach Towel Throw
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alt="A light blue and dark blue blanket designed with palm tree pattern and tassels on both ends"alt="A girl sitting on an outdoor picnic blanket with a palm tree pattern in light blue and dark blue, featuring tassels on both ends"
Bambury Paros Blanket
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What is a picnic rug?

  • A picnic rug is a large piece of fabric that acts as a barrier between you and the ground. Owning a picnic blanket is a great way to enjoy the outdoors as it provides a designated space where you can enjoy sitting outside while being protected from whatever it is that you are sitting on. 
  • At the Manchester Factory, we also have a collection of Sand Free Picnic Rugs perfect for small groups or families looking to spend a day at the beach without any sand getting in the way and can be easily shaken off. 

Can picnic rugs be machine washed?

  • Before placing your picnic rug in the washing machine check the manufacturers care guide to ensure it can withstand a machine wash. Otherwise, you may clean it with cold water and a mild detergent, and leave it to air dry. 

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