Manchester Factory Size Guide


Welcome to Manchester Factory’s Bedding Size Guide, your comprehensive resource for selecting the ideal sizes for your bedding and home essentials. At Manchester Factory, we are proud to offer a vast and varied collection that caters to every aspect of home comfort. Our range extends beyond just bedding; we provide a holistic approach to home furnishing, encompassing everything from bedroom to bathroom, living, and dining needs.

Our bedding selection is the cornerstone of our collection, featuring an array of quilt covers, coverlets, sheet sets, flannelette, fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases, designed to suit every style and preference. We understand the importance of a good night's sleep, which is why our bedding products, including quilts, pillows, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, mattress toppers, wool underlays, and comforters, are crafted to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

In addition to bedding, our extensive range includes high-quality bath essentials such as bath sheets, towels, hand towels, face washers, bath mats, and toilet mats, ensuring a luxurious experience in every part of your home. For those who value comfort and style in their attire, our clothing and accessories line, featuring kimonos, hair wraps, eye masks, pyjamas, hoodies, and bags, offers the perfect blend of elegance and relaxation.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in our curated Bamboo Collection, which includes bamboo sheets, quilt covers, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillowcases, and quilts, all designed to provide an eco-friendly and luxurious sleeping experience.

We also understand the importance of personalisation in home decor, which is why our 'Shop By' section allows you to easily find products tailored to your specific needs, including a variety of sizes from single to super king.

At Manchester Factory, our goal is to provide you with high-quality products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Whether you're revamping your entire home or simply looking for that perfect bedding set, our guide is here to assist you in making informed choices for a comfortable and stylish home.

Quilts and Doona Covers Size Guide

In this section of Manchester Factory's Bedding Size Guide, we delve into the dimensions and details of quilts and doona covers. Our range caters to a variety of bed sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your bedding needs.

Sizing Chart

  • Cot Quilt Cover: Typically measures 100cm x 135cm, tailored for cot mattresses. Ideal for nurseries or toddler beds, these covers provide snug comfort.
  • Single Quilt Cover: Sized at 140cm x 210cm, these covers are designed for single mattresses. Perfect for children’s rooms or single beds in smaller rooms.
  • Double Quilt Cover: Measuring 180cm x 210cm, double quilt covers are suitable for double beds, offering ample coverage and comfort.
  • Queen Size Quilt Cover: At 210cm x 210cm, queen-size covers are a popular choice for master bedrooms, providing generous coverage for queen mattresses.
  • King Size Quilt Cover: King quilt covers measure 240cm x 210cm. They offer luxurious space and comfort, ideal for larger master suites.
  • Super King Size Quilt Cover: For the ultimate in bedding luxury, super king covers are 270cm x 240cm. They offer extensive coverage and are perfect for grand, statement bedrooms​.

Expert Tips

  • Room and Bed Size: When choosing the size of your quilt or doona cover, consider both the size of your bed and the dimensions of your room. Larger covers can add a luxurious feel to your space, while appropriately sized covers maintain a neat and tailored appearance.
  • Design and Style: Your quilt cover's style should complement the overall design aesthetic of your bedroom. Consider the color, pattern, and fabric texture when making your selection.
  • Fabric and Comfort: The fabric of your quilt cover plays a significant role in comfort. Options range from cotton and linen to more luxurious fabrics like silk and satin, each offering a different feel and level of warmth.

The right quilt or doona cover can transform the look of your bedroom, adding both style and comfort. By understanding the different sizes available and considering factors like room size, design, and fabric, you can make an informed choice that enhances your sleeping experience.

Sheets Size Guide

This section of Manchester Factory's Bedding Size Guide focuses on sheets, including fitted and flat options. We provide detailed size dimensions and key considerations to help you choose the best sheets for your bedding needs.

Fitted and Flat Sheet Dimensions

  • Bassinet: Fitted Sheet (55cm x 96cm + 14cm depth), Flat Sheet (TBD). Ideal for newborns and small infants.
  • Cot: Fitted Sheet (77cm x 135cm + 19cm depth), Flat Sheet (120cm x 165cm). Perfect for toddlers and small children's beds.
  • Single: Fitted Sheet (91cm x 193cm + 40cm depth), Flat Sheet (180cm x 254cm). Suitable for standard single beds, often used in children's rooms and smaller guest rooms.
  • King Single: Fitted Sheet (107cm x 203cm + 40cm depth), Flat Sheet (200cm x 270cm). A slightly larger option, providing extra comfort for growing children or in guest rooms.
  • Double: Fitted Sheet (137cm x 193cm + 40cm depth), Flat Sheet (228cm x 254cm). Ideal for full-sized beds in guest rooms or smaller master bedrooms.
  • Queen: Fitted Sheet (152cm x 203cm + 40cm depth), Flat Sheet (245cm x 274cm). A popular choice for master bedrooms, offering ample space and comfort.
  • King: Fitted Sheet (183cm x 203cm + 40cm depth), Flat Sheet (260cm x 274cm). Provides luxurious space and comfort, suited for larger master bedrooms.
  • Super King: Fitted Sheet (203cm x 203cm + 40cm depth), Flat Sheet (300cm x 330cm). The ultimate in luxury and space, perfect for grand, statement bedroom settings.

Choosing the Right Sheets

  • Material: Cotton, linen, silk, and various blends are available. Consider your comfort preferences and the climate when choosing the sheet material.
  • Thread Count: Higher thread counts often indicate softer sheets, but balance this with considerations of breathability and durability.
  • Colour and Pattern: Select colours and patterns that complement or contrast with your bedroom decor. This choice can significantly influence the overall aesthetic of your sleeping space.
  • Elastic Corners: For fitted sheets, ensure the elastic corners can snugly accommodate your mattress depth for a smooth fit.

With a comprehensive understanding of bed sheet sizes and other essential factors like material, thread count, and design, you can confidently choose the perfect sheets for your bedding. Our guide aims to ensure that every purchase at Manchester Factory meets your expectations for comfort, style, and quality.

Pillow Size Guide

This section of the Manchester Factory Bedding Size Guide focuses on pillow sizes, ensuring you select the perfect pillow for comfort and decor.

  1. Standard Pillow: Measures typically around 50cm x 75cm. Ideal for single and double beds, providing adequate support for most sleepers.

  2. Queen Pillow: Slightly larger, measuring approximately 50cm x 80cm. They offer more support and are suitable for queen-sized beds.

  3. King Pillow: The largest standard size, measuring about 50cm x 90cm. Best suited for king-sized beds, offering generous support and comfort.

  4. Specialty Pillows:

    • Body Pillow: Long and narrow, usually measuring around 50cm x 150cm. Ideal for full-body support, often used during pregnancy or for extra comfort.
    • Travel Pillow: Compact and portable, dimensions vary, but they are designed to provide neck support while travelling.
    • Decorative Pillows: Come in various sizes and shapes, such as square (45cm x 45cm), rectangle, or round. Used more for aesthetic purposes than for sleep.

This guide helps in choosing the right pillow for your sleeping needs and bedroom decor. Whether it's for standard nightly use, special comfort requirements, or enhancing the aesthetics of your space, Manchester Factory has a pillow to suit every need.