Also known as Doona covers in Australia are a simple and affordable way to restyle and change the feel of your bedroom in an instant. Shop from our large range of Australia’s leading brands of quilt covers including. Sheridan, Linen house, Bambury and Vintage Design save up to 60% on our range.

At the Manchester Factory, we have a vast range of high-quality quilt covers we really do have something for everyone’s taste and style requirements, from boho, vintage, floral, modern, and classic quilt covers for a perfectly timeless design.

Super king quilt covers are becoming a popular size on the market for those who are either have a super king bed or up-sizing their quilt on a king size bed which provides a beautiful drape on both sides of the mattress.

Shop for our full collection of Super King Quilts and Quilt Covers set.

Complete the look of your quilt cover set  with a bed cover/coverlet, a complimenting Sheet Sets, Cushions and Throws you will find something that will complete the look of your bedroom on our website.

Quilt & Doona covers

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Renee Taylor Hudson Sage Quilt Cover Set
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Renee Taylor Hudson Blue Quilt Cover Set
From $109.00 $189.95

Is a quilt cover the same as a doona cover?

  • Yes they are the same thing there are no differences in either . In Australia a quilt /quilt cover is typically known as a doona/doona cover. Alternatively you may even hear a quilt cover referred to as a duvet/duvet cover.

What is the purpose of a quilt cover?

Should I upsize my quilt cover?

  • Upsizing your quilt is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your bedroom. Have you dreamt of having the perfect bed, photo-ready for social media? 
  • A simple quilt upsize is a great way to elevate your bedroom to look like it was styled by a pro. Read more on our blog: 4 Reasons to upsize your quilt.

What is the difference between a quilt cover and coverlet? 

  • The difference between a doona cover and a bedspread / coverlet is that the former requires an insert, while the latter does not. A quilt cover is meant for use with a quilt or doona, and helps keep it in place on your bed. 
  • Comforters are prefilled bedcovers that vary in thickness, and can be used to provide warmth and decoration. Doona covers are more of of  popular option than bedspreads / comforters.

What is included in a quilt cover set? 

  • Most quilt cover sets include the quilt cover and two pillowcases however a bedding set includes a fitted sheet ,quilt cover and two pillowcases. 

What other popular bedding options are available at the Manchester Factory? 

Where can I learn more about bedding at Manchester Factory?

  • We encourage you to reach out to our friendly bedding experts if you have any further queries in regards to our living and bedding collections. Simply reach out to our team. You can see our contact details here. We're always happy to help!