Sienna Living Cotton Bamboo quilt cover bedding sets will make slipping into bed a definite treat enticing you with a silky and smooth texture.

The composition of cotton bamboo fibres makes the fabric more breathable and temperature regulating than other fabrics. The woven bamboo fibres with cotton will combat the stretching that may happen to pure bamboo fabrics when wet. In doing so this will then increase durability and ensure that the sheets are long-lasting.

These cotton bamboo covers are ideal for sensitive skins as they're hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and resistant to odours. They will keep you cool and dry as the fabric wicks moisture away from your body.

Incredibly soft to the touch, even more so than cotton.
More breathable, allowing heat to escape and keeping you from being too warm at night.
Naturally hypoallergenic and moisture reducing, limiting your exposure to dust mites and mildew.
More durable than any sheets of any other material, our sheets are blended with cotton to ensure they don't stretch out of shape when wet.

Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Quilt Covers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 360 reviews
Christine Middleton
Great sheets

Even my husband notices the softness and comfort of bamboo sheets

Santa Clause

Very happy , thank you

Kathy Curtis
Best sheets ever

Beautiful sheets that are so amazing to sleep in. They wash really well and fit perfectly.

Wendy May
Amazing to sleep in

Loved these sheets so much I ordered 2 more sets. Hubby now very happy to have such soft and luxurious feeling sheets.

Good quality and confortable

Lovely soft confotable sheet. Only wish I had bought te set.