The Sienna Living range of luxury Australian Made feather down quilts are manufactured to the highest quality to ensure they provide you warmth and comfort during the winter period. Our quilts are made with quality in mind to provide a lush hotel sleeping experience in the comfort of your home.

Our quilts are available in both high quality duck and goose feather down fillings. The quilts are a cassette-style or box walled construction which is a non-adjustable design that features a series of individually filled squares, which maintain an even distribution of warmth. We offer a range of quilt options to suit different needs and sleeping habits.

All our quilts and pillows use ethically sourced Australian feather down.


What makes our quilts so great?

Unlike other duck down quilts on the market, we take the extra step in quality assurance - our down and feather are sourced ethically from regional Victoria from ducks that are not alive.

The down and feathers are washed with special soaps and disinfectants to remove all impurities - washed a second time to ensure all impurities were removed. The down and feather are separated to ensure the quality of the feather is to the finest grade and quality. Once confirmed we then proceed to remove the dust from feathers which can cause allergies via our de-dusting procedure. Once this stage is complete the down and feather are air blown into our high quality cotton japara box cassette casings to ensure the filling is evenly distributed throughout the whole quilt. Our complete quality control process is managed right here in Australia.

Quilt Guide:

All Seasons Quilt - 50% Duck Down 50% Duck Feather
3.5 blankets out of 5

Winter Quilt - 80% Duck Down 20% Duck Feather
4 blankets out 5

Extreme Winter Quilt - 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather
5 blankets out of 5

All Year Round 2 in 1 Quilt - 4 Seasons 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather
Quilt 1 - 1.5 blankets out 5
Quilt 2 - 3 blankets out of 5
Clipped together - 4.5 blankets out 5

Sienna Living Luxury Australian Made Feather & Down Quilts

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