4 Reasons To Upsize Your Quilt.



Do you wish you had a bed worthy of being featured on social media ? Simply by increasing the size of your quilt, you may make your bedroom look like it was decorated by a professional interior designer. Here are the top four explanations for why a larger quilt will alter your life.

The Simple Answer: UPSIZE! 

Here are some reasons why upsizing is a great way to improve you sleeping experience 


Improved Appearance

Your bed will look dramatically different if you upgrade to a larger quilt. Your bedroom will have a more relaxed and comfortable feel thanks to the bigger blanket serving as a visual focus point.

Warmer Sleep 

Better insulation means warmer, more restful nights under the quilt. The larger size reduces draughts, making it more comfortable to sleep through the night even when the temperature drops.

No more Tug-of-War

Put an end to fighting over who gets to sleep on top. An oversized quilt eliminates the need for uncomfortable tussling when sleeping with a partner or children.

Upsizing your quilt is necessary if you have a deeper mattress to ensure enough coverage. A quilt custom-made to fit your mattress will provide complete covering and seal off any draughts.

Since you've made the decision to use a larger quilt, let's talk about how to make your bed seem good in pictures.

How you can style your bed like a pro

What you’ll need: 

Gather the essentials to obtain a polished appearance:

  • Pillows 
  • Sheets ( fitted sheet , flat sheets & Pillow cases) 
  • Quilt Cover 
  • Quilt 

Don't forget to size up the quilt and cover as well. If you have a queen bed, for instance, you need get a king-sized quilt and as well as cover.

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Bamboo quilt cover blue


Here's how to make your bed more warm and inviting for the colder months:

Use a mattress protector or mattress topper to give extra protection and comfort.
Tightly put your favourite fitted sheet on the bed to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and folds.
You may reduce the appearance of creases by using a flat sheet and carefully tucking in the corners.
Use a wool blanket underneath the quilt throughout the winter.
When draping the quilt over the bed, make sure it hangs equally on both sides.
Pillows and cushions on top will round off the appearance. If you want your king-sized bed to look its best, try putting a super-king quilt on it.
Light blankets, coverlets, or throws placed at the foot of the bed are decorative and functional. On cool evenings, it may act as a second blanket to keep you toasty.

Bamboo quilt

In conclusion, upsizing your quilt is a simple yet powerful solution to rejuvenate your bedroom and enhance your sleep experience. By investing in a larger quilt, you can transform your bed into a visually appealing focal point that's ready to impress on social media. Not only does upsizing your quilt bring aesthetic benefits, but it also provides practical advantages.

With a larger quilt, you'll enjoy increased warmth and coziness, thanks to its ability to keep cold air at bay. No more battling over the covers with your loved ones or children as you can now sleep comfortably together without any tugging or pulling. Additionally, if you have a deeper mattress, upsizing your quilt ensures complete coverage and eliminates any exposed areas.

So why wait? Take the leap and upsize your quilt to see the remarkable difference it can make in your bedroom. From improved aesthetics to enhanced sleep quality, your efforts will undoubtedly pay off. Embrace the comfort and style that come with a larger quilt and enjoy your dream-worthy sanctuary night after night.