4 Reasons to Upsize your Quilt.

4 Reasons to Upsize your Quilt.



Upsizing your quilt is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your bedroom. Have you dreamt of having the perfect bed, photo-ready for social media? A simple quilt upsize is a great way to elevate your bedroom to look like it was styled by a pro.


The Simple Answer: UPSIZE! 


Continue reading to see the top 4 reasons why you need to upside your quilt/ doona. 

  1. A noticeable difference when upsizing your quilt is that the bed may look a lot more aesthetically pleasing. 
  2. A larger quilt on the bed will result in more warmth in the bed as there is less chance of the cold air entering the quilt, due to the heavier weight of the quilt 
  3. Upsizing your quilt allows you to sleep in comfort next to your loved one or kids without the constant tug-of-war with the quilt.
  4. You simply have a deeper mattress that requires more coverage.


So you have now upsized your quilt read on to see some tips on how you can get the photo-ready bed.


How you can style your bed like a pro


What you’ll need: 


  • Fitted Sheet
  • Flat Sheet ( Optional) 
  • Pillows and Pillowcases
  • Quilt Cover 
  • Quilt/ Doona 


*Remember you will need to upsize both the quilt cover and quilt when upsizing your quilt. For example, if you have a queen we would recommend upsizing to a king quilt and quilt cover. 


Steps in Create cozy bed winter-ready


  1. After putting on a mattress protector on the bed, get your favorite fitted on the bed, I like to ensure that the fitted sheet has been tucked under nice and tightly, this may help reduce any excess wrinkles or creases in the sheets.

  2. OPTIONAL** If you use a flat sheet, lay it over the bed, and then I like to tuck the corners in something nice and tight, which also can decrease any wrinkles in the flat sheet. 

  3. After putting on the flat sheet on the bed if you use one, depending on what season it is, this is where I like to create a layering with a wool blanket in winter before putting the quilt on the bed. 

  4. When adding a quilt to the bed it should just fall evenly on both sides then simply add pillows and cushions on top of the bed for the finished look.  For Example, using a Super-king quilt on a king-sized bed

  5. Finally, I like to add either a light blanket, coverlet, or throw to the end of the bed which not only adds to the aesthetic but is also is practical. Sometimes when sitting in bed you just want something warm and cozy over your legs, but then can turn to an extra layer when those cold nights are here. 


Learn More About: Caring for your Quilt 

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