Your Guide To Styling A Neutral Bedroom



Spring is nearly here, which means some spring cleaning and changing things up around the house. If you don't know where to start or are looking for inspiration, look no further and read today's guest blog post all about styling a neutral bedroom.

Tessara @labouroflovereno from sunny Queensland shares some styling tips for creating a beautiful neutral-style bedroom with us today.


"One of my favourite spaces to style is the bedroom". "Bedrooms should be a sanctuary where you can feel relaxed and wind down after a big day."



Natural Bed with Sienna living bedding



Tess's Top Styling Tips 

  1. Install some sheer curtains to bring softness to the space.

  2. Quality bedding is worth the investment. You sleep in your bed every night!

  3. Spend some time picking the right quilt to suit your sleeping temperature. Too hot, and you’ll sweat all night; too cold, and you’ll wake up trying to get warm.

  4. I keep TVs out of the bedroom. With our tablets and phones, there is already too much screen time in the bedroom.

  5. If space allows for it, add an accent chair or even a sofa with a side table so you can enjoy a cuppa in your bedroom each morning before venturing out into the world.

  6. If you’re building and planning a bedroom from scratch, be sure to leave an empty wall for your bed to go against—no windows or doors, a blank canvas. I love to feature a standout bedhead on this wall.

  7. Upsize your quilt; this adds a touch of luxe to the bed.


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Tess laying in her sienna living bamboo sheets


It is that simple for you to create your own neutral-style bedroom, or for more styling inspiration, you can check out Tess's Instagram.