The Sienna Living bamboo filled quilt range features a high quality pure bamboo filling with a cotton japara cover which is soft and smooth. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, odour-resistant, chemical free, dust mite and mould resistant making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

The range consists of three weight options;

Summer - for those looking for the lightest and most breathable quilt available

All Seasons - for those wanting a bit more weight but still the benefits of the breathability

Winter - for those wanting a weighty feel that is warm

For the ultimate natural bamboo experience tie our quilts up with our cotton cover pure 100% bamboo filled mattress protectors and drift away into the most peaceful slumber you've ever experienced.

Sienna Living Bamboo Quilts

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Sienna Living Winter Bamboo Quilt
From $119.00 $189.95
Sienna Living All Seasons Bamboo Quilt
From $99.00 $169.95
Sienna Living Summer Bamboo Quilt
From $89.00 $159.95
Sienna Living Bamboo Mattress Protector
From $69.00 $119.95