Here's Why You Need A Coverlet This Spring

Here's Why You Need A Coverlet This Spring


Whether you are looking to compliment your quilt cover with layers, textures or just looking at a simple bed cover in place of a quilt especially in the warmer months here in Australia, ultimately making your bed a lot lighter. Read on to see why you need a coverlet for this Spring. 

What is a coverlet?

Gone are the days of the traditional tailored bedspread, which would hang straight down to the floor and some would even cover the pillows and still have enough room to drape on the sides and were also known to be quilted and heavy at times. Bedspreads have also known to be quite expensive compared to a coverlet which is generally quite affordable.

Simply a coverlet is just like a single-sided blanket, which is typically known to be quite lightweight and generally made from every  Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, or Polyester. So simply it’s not quite a bedspread and now quite a quilt/ doona.


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Why do you need a coverlet?

If you are a hot sleeper and find that a doona/quilt is too heavy and still want an option for a cost-effective way to cover the bed and also have something lightweight then a coverlet is a perfect option.

Come the cooler months a coverlet can still be used as another layer between the doona and the sheets. A coverlet can also be used to decorate the bed and used as an accent on the end of the bed.  When not being used on a bed, another use for coverlets is that they can be used a throw on a lounge or sofa.

Cleaning and Storing Coverlets 

Cleaning coverlets is super easy due to coverlets not being very heavy they will fit in most washing machines. Our biggest tip when washing coverlets is to wash them separately from other colors and fabrics in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Just like any other bedding, it is recommended to steer clear of bleach and other harsh chemicals.


How do I know what size Coverlet I need? 

At the Manchester Factory, We offer a range of Australia’s leading brands in coverlets and bed covers including Linen House, Bambury, Park Avenue, and Sienna Living. Available in a range of sizes from Single/DoubleQueen/King, and Super King. 

We have made it easier for you to choose your sizing, with all of our sizing information for our coverlets are available in the description of the products.

For example, if you have a queen bed you purchase a Queen/King coverlet. 

We hope this gives you a little more insight into using a coverlet and why they are a fantastic option for the bed, you can shop our range of coverlets from our website here.

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