A Coverlet is a perfect choice for those looking for an alternative option to a quilt cover. Whether you are looking to compliment your quilt cover with layers, textures or just looking for a simple bed cover in place of a quilt especially in the warmer months here in Australia, ultimately making your bed a lot lighter.

The fabric of cotton coverlets is comprised of 100% cotton and all-natural fibre. Cotton is inherently breathable and lightweight making them an ideal choice for warm sleepers or the summer months of the year.

Complete the look of your coverlet may it be a white bedcover you are wanting to add other colors or textures as a statement or just pair with the bed cover, our range of Sheet Sets, Cushions, and throws you will find something that will compliment your bed cover.

Cotton Coverlets

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Jenny Mclean Avalon Coverlet Set
From $199.00 $349.95
Jenny Mclean Folio Coverlet Set
From $199.00 $349.95
Jenny Mclean Lexington Coverlet
From $199.00 $349.95
Linen House Somers Pecan Coverlet
$189.99 $299.99
Linen House Somers White Coverlet
$239.99 $299.99
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