Finding the correct pillow for Neck and Back support

Finding the correct pillow for Neck and Back support
Finding the perfect Pillow that is going to be comfortable and give you the correct amount of support for your neck and shoulders can be a challenge when there are quite a few options of pillows especially when buying Manchester online. 


Chiropractor Paula from “My Back Relief Clinic” had a chat recently with Jess from The Manchester Factory and dropped some great knowledge on how you can find a pillow that is not only affordable but also going to give you the right amount of support that you need. 


Below are Paula's Tips and Tricks in buying which pillow is the best for back and shoulder pain.


“We are here at our local Manchester store here in the Marrickville store and we are talking about everything pillows. So one of the biggest pressure points that a lot of my patients have is that they can't find the right pillow to get the right amount of sleep and to wake up with less neck pain. 


With all of the ranges that are in Manchester stores and online Manchester stores, I can understand where the confusion lies. We’re going to talk about how you pick the right pillow for yourself. 


Some tips: I do have here that one of the best types of pillow that I recommend is the Easyrest Memory Foam Pillow. I know that there are a few pillow ranges out there. However, a memory foam pillow tends to hold and support the neck quite a bit. 


If you can get a pillow that has a contour to it (such as the memory foam contour pillow) as it supports the neck. Also, don’t be a Tummy sleeper, make sure you sleep on your back or on your side.


One of the biggest misconceptions is that a lot of our patients buy a pillow and they think that they should have the best night's sleep that night. When you buy a new pillow, get used to the new pillow. It can take a week and it can take a month so be patient with your own body. 


At the Manchester Factory, we have a range of pillows for side sleepers and back sleepers. Browse our collection of pillows that are recommended by Paula or you can view our full range of pillows 

Head over to My Back Relief clinic to learn more ways in which you can improve your back and neck health. 

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