Finding The Correct Pillow For Neck And Back Support
Finding the perfect pillow that offers comfort and adequate support for your neck and shoulders can be challenging, especially when there are numerous options available, particularly when purchasing online. Recently, Chiropractor Paula from "My Back Relief Clinic" had an insightful conversation with Jess from The Manchester Factory. They shared valuable information on how to find an affordable pillow that provides the right amount of support.

Here are Paula's tips and tricks for choosing the best pillow for back and shoulder pain:

"We're currently at our local Manchester store in Marrickville, discussing everything about pillows. One of the most common complaints I receive from my patients is their struggle to find the right pillow that allows them to sleep well and wake up with less neck pain.

Considering the vast range of pillows available in Manchester stores and online, it's understandable why people feel overwhelmed. We'll now discuss how you can select the perfect pillow for yourself.

Here are a few tips I recommend: A standard memory foam pillow is often the best option. Although there are various pillow types available, memory foam pillows tend to provide excellent support for the neck.

If possible, choose a pillow with contouring features, such as a memory foam contour pillow, as it specifically supports the neck. Additionally, try to avoid sleeping on your stomach and instead sleep on your back or side.


Neck Contour pillow 

Another common misconception is that purchasing a new pillow will guarantee a great night's sleep immediately. However, it's important to give yourself time to adjust to the new pillow. It may take a week or even a month, so be patient with your body.

The Manchester Factory offers a range of pillows suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers. For further information on improving your back and neck health, visit My Back Relief Clinic."