Why Is Sleep Important for Sport and Fitness?

Ever wondered why you wake up tired and unable to perform as well when exercising after a poor night's sleep? Well turns out sleep has an impact on our fitness levels.

Personal Trainer Simon from 'Simon Says You Can' sat down with Jess from The Manchester Factory and dropped some great knowledge that will empower you to improve sleep and fitness levels.

Sleep is such a crucial factor for our health and well-being, yet over the last decade, the Australian population has been getting less sleep than ever. 


Is this due to our binge-watching of Netflix and other streaming services at night? Or are we just prolonging our sleep due to work and social commitments?


While we sleep our body recovers, relaxes, and rests up for the next day. Within our body we release different hormones (mention hormones) which assist with lowering stress, lowering appetite, and repairing muscles. 


So how does our lack of sleep affect our fitness? 


Due to the lack of sleep, our body does not get the adequate amount of hormones released to assist with recovery and repair. Our bodies require a good 7 to 8 hours for it to be considered good quality sleep. 


Not only does the lack of sleep affect our hormones but we see a trend in clients' mood change, nutrition behaviours, and lack of performance in the gym is common too. 


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