Sleep: Tips And Tricks To Improve Quality



Sleep and steps to improve sleep

Follow these top tips to improve your quality of sleep. Personal Trainer Simon from 'Simon Says You Can' sat down with Jess from The Manchester Factory and dropped some great knowledge that will empower you to improve your quality of sleep.

In sleep, there are four different stages. Each stage contributed differently to how well your sleep was and how deep you were in your sleep.

So why do we hear people mentioning they have such poor sleep and how does that contribute to our performance in the gym and results wises?

Firstly we tend to look at our clients if they are currently following any of these night-time rituals.

Such as:

Do you practice the same routine before bed each night?

Practice a sleep routine before sleep can encourage sleeping precursors in the brain to promote feelings of sleepiness.

Do you consume caffeine before sleep?

Yes, food like chocolate and coffee before bed can delay your body's sleep signals from setting in.


Do you stimulate your eyes and brain before bed?

Watching Netflix and playing video games before bed can keep you awake longer as the screens emit blue light, this light can delay your natural production of melatonin, which can decrease feeling sleepiness.


Do you have work and ideas running through your mind while in bed?

Having your mind running around whilst in bed cant trigger your mind to delay sleep processes from starting up.

Do you perform any breathing or muscle relaxing techniques before bed?

Doing some *belly breathing* can help with your mind drifting off and slowing down your breathing rate.

These are just a few ways that you can improve your quality and quantity of sleep.  If you would like to know more about Simon Says You Personal Training you can check out his website and social media. To read more about how you can further improve your sleep check out our other blogs in The Linen Corner.