Spring bedding 2023

Get ready to embrace the season of renewal by giving your bedroom a refreshing makeover. Spring cleaning isn't just a job; it's like a fresh start for the new season. Your bedroom, which is where you start and end each day, deserves a special touch as you welcome spring. 

We've put together five essential tips to help you update your bedroom for spring. These tips will help you create a harmonious, lively atmosphere that goes beyond mere functionality. Let's get into the world of choosing bedding, calming colour palettes, creative rearranging, clutter-free havens, and the natural embrace of plants and flowers.

1. Taking your bedding to the next level

With sunny days on the way, it's time to get rid of those heavy winter layers and replace them with spring-inspired bedding. The weight and feel of your bedding can have a big effect on how well you sleep and how comfortable you feel overall. As you make this change, you might want to use materials that match the bright colours of the season.

Switching to 100% linen bedding or a light bamboo can do wonders. The lightness of these fabrics helps keep your room at a comfortable temperature and adds a touch of style to your space. 

As you learn more about colours and patterns, you might want to use your bedding as a canvas to bring life into your bedroom. Show off your style with bright colours and complex patterns that bring to mind the energy of spring. 

If you get too hot as spring turns into summer, silky bamboo sheets can help cool you down. Bamboo fibres are great at wicking away moisture, so you can sleep comfortably even when the temperature is high.

Bamboo bedding

2. Calm colours and quiet shades

The colours you use to decorate your space can affect your mood and well-being. When you change up your bedroom for spring, you might want to use colours that remind you of how peaceful nature is. Taking ideas from London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2023, let's look at some colours and shades that make us feel calm and in balance.

With its unassuming grace, the ethereal Oyster Mushroom Grey draws attention to itself and makes a strong impression.

Greyed Jade is a mineralized gray-green colour that shows the balance that can be found in nature. 

With its soft warmth, Tender Peach wraps your senses in a gentle embrace. Mocha Mousse, which tastes like sweet milk chocolate, gives your space a touch of cosy sophistication.

Bluing, an inky blue that adds depth and character, makes your sanctuary feel cool and inviting with its fresh and energising presence.

By using these colours in your bedroom, you can create a calm and peaceful space where you can relax, recharge, and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Spring 2023 Trending Colours

3. Get used to change: reorganise and redesign

The mood of your bedroom is set by how the furniture and decorations are set up. Accepting change in this way can make the whole room feel more alive and give everyone a new point of view. Even if you can't do a complete makeover, there are still creative ways to give your space new life.

Moving your furniture around can make a big difference and wake you up. Try out different ways to set up your room so that it flows well and works well. Don't be afraid to try new things. Sometimes a different arrangement can help you see things in a new way. 

If you can't change what you have now, try rearranging by bringing in things from other rooms. Accessories that can be used in different ways, like throws and decorative pillows, can be easily moved from your bed to your couch. This is a simple way to make a change.

Rearranging or redecorating can be therapeutic and give you a chance to think about your space and the things in it in a new way. As you start this project, think about the feelings and moods you want to create in your new bedroom. When you rearrange things, your choices can reflect your style and goals, giving you a space that reflects who you are.

4. Getting rid of chaos and welcoming peace

The place where you sleep can have a big effect on your thoughts and feelings. People often don't notice that clutter can cause a cluttered mind, which can lead to stress and restlessness. When spring comes, it's a great time to clean up your surroundings and make room for peace and quiet.

Start by getting rid of things in your bedroom that you don't need. Use good judgement. If something doesn't add to your well-being or the look of the space, you might want to get rid of it. Clear surfaces of extra things to make an environment that makes you feel calm. Invest in storage options that match your style so you can put things away without giving up style.

If you care about the environment, you might want to clean out your linen closet in an eco-friendly way. Focus on the quality of your bedding and linens instead of how many you have. Adopt the idea of "mindful consumption," which will help you create a peaceful and intentional environment.

5. Bring plants and flowers into your life

The undeniable beauty of nature can fit right into your bedroom, making it look better and making you feel more relaxed. As you start to change things up for spring, think about adding plants and flowers to your space. There are more benefits than just how it looks. These natural elements can improve your health and the quality of your sleep.

Fresh flowers and plants in pots give your bedroom life and charm. The colours and textures of nature can change the look of a room and make it feel more welcoming. But the benefits of indoor plants go beyond how they look.

Some plants, like the snake plant and the peace lily, clean the air in your home, making it healthier and helping you sleep better. Also, plants like Aloe Vera give off oxygen at night, which makes it a healthier place to sleep.

Research has shown that some plants, like lavender, have smells that make people feel sleepy and calm. You can use the power of essential oils made from these plants to make your bedroom a more relaxing place. Imagine that the gentle smell of lavender or camomile puts you to sleep.

Plants and flowers are good for your health, but they also give you a sense of connection to the natural world. Taking care of and feeding these living things can be therapeutic and give you a way to be more mindful and calm in your daily life.

So, to sum up

When you change up your bedroom for spring, you can align it with the energy of the season, which is all about change. By carefully choosing your bedding, using calm colours, rethinking the layout and design, getting rid of clutter, and adding plants, you can make a space that celebrates the beauty of spring and makes you feel good.

With a little imagination and planning, your bedroom can become a sanctuary where you wake up to the colours of nature, drift off to sleep surrounded by calming smells, and enjoy the peace that spring brings. Refresh your space and your spirit, and enjoy the chance for a new start that this season brings.