What are bamboo cotton sheets?


Our most popular at the Manchester Factory are the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Collection!

 What is Bamboo Cotton

And why are they better than just standard cotton sheets?

There are so many advantages to investing in Bamboo Cotton bedding such as:


  1. Comfort and Luxury
  2. A quality investment
  3. Hypoallergenic and Anti-bacterial -
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. Softer then Cotton
  6. Breathable & Moisture Wicking
  7. Regulates Body Temperature

The Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Collection is a 400 Thread Count with a fabric composition of 60% bamboo and 40% Cotton making them stronger and durable sheets. 


We have recently expanded this collection to now include Quilt Cover Sets and Bedding Sets.


You can shop today from our extensive Sienna living Bamboo Cotton collection here.  


the picture is of a young women sitting in bed with a cup of tea reading a magazine in the bamboo cotton sheets

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