What Does The Oeko-Tex Quality Label Mean?

When shopping, you may have already seen the Oeko-Tex ® logo on clothing or home textiles. At Manchester Factory our Bamboo Cotton Collection from made from textiles that have an Oeko-TEX® standard 100 certifications.

Oeko-Tex ® is a global independent third-party certification system that is used to evaluate the safety of textile products and accessories.

Read on to hear how you benefit and get a healthy sleep from the Oeko-tek® certification.

What is Oeko- tek Standard?

If a product carries a standard 100 label such as the image below it is certain that every component of the product such as buttons, threads, and zippers has been tested for harmful substances.

These tests are carried about by independent partner institutes in which undergo extensive criteria which include regulated and non-regulated substances which could be harmful.

In many cases, according to the Oeko-tex® website, the limit values for standard 100 go beyond international and standard limits and are updated annually.


What are the Classes of Oeko-Tek?


Since the certification for standard 100 encompasses a huge amount of products and materials.

Oeko Tek has developed product classes, which is where every product is categorized according to its intended use. 

Class 1: Baby and toddler products.  

Class 2: Products that come into contact with the skin such as clothes and home textiles (bath towels, bedding). 

Class 3: Products that have little contact with skin (jackets, belts etc).

Class 4: products that are intended for decoration such as upholstery, curtains, tablecloths etc.  

At the Manchester Factory, our Sienna Living collection in particular our Bamboo Cotton range are made from premium 60% Bamboo and 40% Egyptian cotton and are certified Oeko-Tek Standard 100.

Did you know that our Bamboo Egyptian Cotton Sheets also have certification for Egyptian Cotton?

Whether you’re looking for comfortable bed sheets or beautiful soft top-of-bed options, you’ll uncover a curated selection of dreamy and luxurious, Oeko-Tex certified options at the Manchester Factory.


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