What is a fitted sheet and finding the correct size?

What is a fitted sheet and finding the correct size?

What are fitted sheets and can they save you time making the bed.

Nowadays, we are all looking at ways that not only can we save money, but we can also save time. Making the bed can sometimes be the last thing that you want to do in the morning.

Do you remember making the bed with hospital corners, also known to some as hotel corners? It is time-consuming and can sometimes be a lot more technical than it looks. That's where fitted sheets come in; they are an important part of making the bed and keeping it made.

Now, take a look at some of the most important things you must know about fitted sheets.


To Fit or Not to Fit ?

It can be a difficult decision to decide if you need fitted sheets. They do make life easier and there's no question that they can make your bed look better. But it is also true that not all fitted sheets are created equal and not all fitted sheets will be the right size for your bed, which means they may not fit properly or create hot spots on your mattress.


What Matters in a Fitted Sheet?

Fitted sheets are designed to fit the contours of your mattress. The best-fitted sheets are made of extra durable fabric with sturdy seams for durability.

The mattress should have height, width, and depth measurements on the label. A good set of fitted sheets will have elastic at the top and bottom, both around the edges of the sheet and at each corner where they meet.


Know your Materials

Fitted sheets are like any other type of sheet. They come in two types, fitted and flat. A fitted sheet is one with elastic around the bottom to make it fit on mattresses of various sizes.

The elastic holds the sheet on tightly while also preventing it from slipping off or bunching up. Flat sheets are sheets without elastic on the bottom to make them fit different size mattresses.


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Know Your Size

It is crucial to know your size before getting fitted sheets. This is especially necessary because fitted sheets are usually quite expensive. The best way to get your right size is by measuring the width of the mattress where you plan on placing the fitted sheet. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can find this height in cms by looking at the mattress label. The right fit will be tight enough so there are no gaps around the mattress, but not so tight that it makes you uncomfortable. 


What is a Mega Size Sheet?

Manchester Factory is proud to sell our range of sheets for all different sized beds, and we have something for everyone. We are always in the know when it comes to style and the latest trends, which is why we carry Mega King and Mega Queen Sheets. These sheets come in a variety of colours that match nearly any bedroom decor. 

Mega queen and mega king fitted sheets are perfect to fit most modern mattresses. The 50cm deep wall as opposed to the standard 40cm wall or sometimes even a 30cm wall provides maximum and secure depth coverage, ensuring that your sheets stay on all night.

See Below for the standard Australian sizing for fitted sheets to help you select your size.

Check out our mega-sizes collection of sheets where you will find something for everyone's needs, from bamboo cotton with a silky smooth sateen finish to Egyptian cotton flannelette.

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The Manchester Factory fitted sheet collection provide a high-quality range of fitted sheets that will help you achieve the ultimate sleep experience. Browse and Shop high quality fitted sheets from brands like Sienna Living, Bambury and Jenny McLean at the Manchester Factory.



Fitted Sheet Individual Sizing

Single Fitted Sheet 91x193x40cm Skirt
Long Single Fitted Sheet 91x 204x40cm Skirt
King Single Fitted Sheet 107x203x40cm Skirt
Double Fitted Sheet 137x193x40cm Skirt
Queen Fitted Sheet 152x203x40cm Skirt
King Fitted Sheet 183x203x40cm Skirt
Super King Fitted Sheet 203x203x40cm Skirt
Mega Queen Fitted Sheet 152x203x50cm Skirt
Mega King Fitted Sheet 183x203x50cm Skirt

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