What Are Fitted Sheets and Can They Save You Time Making the Bed?

Nowadays, we are all looking for ways to save both time and money in our daily routines. Making the bed can often feel like a tedious task, especially when you're in a hurry to start your day. Remember those hospital corners or hotel corners you used to meticulously create? They took time and effort, and let's face it, not all of us have the luxury of spending extra minutes on perfecting our bed-making skills. This is where fitted sheets come to the rescue. They are a practical and time-saving solution for making the bed and keeping it tidy throughout the day.

To Fit or Not to Fit?

Deciding whether to use fitted sheets or not can be a tough choice. There's no denying that fitted sheets make life easier and enhance the appearance of your bed. However, not all fitted sheets are created equal, and finding the right size for your bed can be a challenge. Ill-fitting sheets may not stay in place, resulting in uncomfortable wrinkles and even hot spots on your mattress. Therefore, it's important to choose fitted sheets that are designed specifically for your bed size.

What Matters in a Fitted Sheet?

The key to a good fitted sheet lies in its design and quality. Opt for fitted sheets made of extra durable fabric with sturdy seams to ensure longevity. When selecting a fitted sheet, check the label on your mattress for its height, width, and depth measurements. A well-designed fitted sheet should have elasticized edges both at the top and bottom, ensuring a snug fit around the mattress. The elastic should also be present at each corner, providing a secure grip and preventing the sheet from slipping off.

Know Your Materials

Fitted sheets come in two main types: fitted and flat. The fitted sheet is the one with elasticized edges at the bottom, allowing it to fit snugly on mattresses of various sizes. The elastic ensures that the sheet stays in place and doesn't bunch up or slip off during the night. On the other hand, flat sheets lack elastic on the bottom and are used to cover the mattress, often with a tucked-in appearance.


Know Your Size

Before purchasing fitted sheets, it's crucial to determine the correct size for your mattress. Fitted sheets can be a significant investment, so getting the right fit is essential. Measure the width of your mattress where you plan to place the fitted sheet. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can find the height in centimeters on the mattress label. The ideal fit should be tight enough to eliminate any gaps around the mattress but not overly tight, causing discomft.

 View our Video : How to Find the Size of Your Fitted Sheet.

What Is a Mega Size Sheet?

At Manchester Factory, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of sheets for beds of all sizes, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit. We are always up to date with the latest trends and styles, which is why we offer Mega King and Mega Queen Sheets. These sheets are available in various colors to complement any bedroom decor.

Mega queen and mega king fitted sheets are designed to fit most modern mattresses. They feature a 50cm deep wall, providing maximum coverage compared to the standard 40cm wall or sometimes even a 30cm wall. This added depth ensures that the sheets stay securely in place throughout the night, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Here are the standard Australian sizing options for fitted sheets, which can help you select the right size:

  • Single Fitted Sheet: 91x193x40cm Skirt
  • Long Single Fitted Sheet: 91x204x40cm Skirt
  • King Single Fitted Sheet: 107x203x40cm Skirt
  • Double Fitted Sheet: 137x193x40cm Skirt
  • Queen Fitted Sheet: 152x203x40cm Skirt
  • King Fitted Sheet: 183x203x40cm Skirt
  • Super King Fitted Sheet: 203x203x40cm Skirt
  • Mega Queen Fitted Sheet: 152x203x50cm Skirt
  • Mega King Fitted Sheet: 183x203x50cm Skirt

Don't forget to check out our collection of mega-sized sheets, where you'll find something to suit everyone's needs. From bamboo cotton with a silky smooth sateen finish to Egyptian cotton flannelette, we offer a high-quality range of fitted sheets to enhance your sleep experience. Explore our selection from renowned brands such as Sienna Living, Bambury, and Jenny McLean, available at the Manchester Factory.


FAQs about Fitted Sheets

  1. Are fitted sheets only available in specific sizes?
    Fitted sheets come in various sizes to fit different mattresses, ranging from single to mega king. It's essential to choose the correct size for your bed to ensure a proper fit.

  2. Can fitted sheets save time when making the bed?
    Absolutely! Fitted sheets are designed to fit snugly around the mattress, making it quick and easy to straighten the bed and achieve a neat appearance.

  3. Do fitted sheets work well with different mattress thicknesses? Fitted sheets are designed to accommodate mattresses of various depths. Look for sheets with elasticized edges and ample skirt lengths to ensure a proper fit.

  4. Can fitted sheets be used on adjustable beds?|
    Yes, fitted sheets can be used on adjustable beds, provided you select the appropriate size and ensure that the elasticized edges can accommodate the bed's movements.

  5. Are there any specific care instructions for fitted sheets?
    Always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, washing fitted sheets in cold water and tumble drying on low heat is recommended to maintain their quality and shape.

  6. Can fitted sheets be used without a flat sheet?
    Fitted sheets can be used without a flat sheet if desired. Many people prefer the simplicity and ease of using just a fitted sheet and a duvet or comforter.


Fitted sheets are a practical solution for saving time and achieving a well-made bed. Their elasticized edges ensure a snug fit, keeping the sheet in place throughout the night. Whether you opt for standard sizing or explore the Mega Queen and Mega King options, fitted sheets provide maximum coverage and enhance the overall appearance of your bed. At Manchester Factory, we offer a wide selection of high-quality fitted sheets, catering to various sizes and preferences. Explore our range of brands like Sienna Living, Bambury, and Jenny McLean to find the perfect fitted sheets for a comfortable and stylish sleep experience.