Why We Love Bamboo Cotton Sheets!


The warmer Australian months are approaching us and bamboo sheets have become somewhat a staple must-have in many households all year-round in Australia.

Have you tried bamboo cotton bedding before?

There are so many benefits that make it an easy option to make the switch when purchasing bedding for not only summer but all year round. 


Why do we blend Bamboo and Cotton together?

The woven bamboo fibres with cotton will combat any stretching that may happen to pure bamboo fibres when wet. Doing this will then increase the durability and ensure that your sheets are long-lasting.

The Composition of the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Sheets is 400 Thread count with 60% Bamboo and 40% Egyptian cotton.

This collection is also Oeko-Tek certified meaning that they are testing for any harmful chemicals and substances throughout the manufacturing process.

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Why do we love Bamboo Cotton? 

Bamboo Cotton is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant making it the perfect alternative to those with sensitive skin.

Another added benefit of this natural fiber is which makes it perfect for sensitive skin and allergies is that bamboo is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant as well.  

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Regulates Body Temperature

What makes bamboo products a perfect investment is that they are a great option all year round the bedding. The bamboo fibre itself is not only breathable but is thermo-regulating.

So Simply meaning that it keeps you nice and cool and summer and warm in winter, which makes this collection perfect for a hot Australian night. 

Soft and Comfortable 

This could be one of the most important factors when purchasing bedding. Is it comfortable and soft and we like to say at the Manchester Factory is that the Sienna Living collection will make slipping into bed a definite treat enticing you with a silky and smooth texture.  

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Moisture Wicking 

A complaint we tend to hear of hot sleepers is that they wake up throughout the night sweaty and can't get back to sleep, however, a benefit of the bamboo cotton sheets is that they will keep you cool and dry as the fabric wicks the moisture away from your body.

With this many benefits, it is not hard to fall in love with bamboo bedding and help you get the best night's sleep.

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