Bambury Premium Electric Blanket

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Australian Owned and Operated

The Bambury Premium Electric Blanket transports you to a world of unparalleled comfort and warmth. This isn't your average electric blanket; it's a luxurious hug that turns your bed into a haven of softness and warmth. The Bambury experience on a cool evening is like the gentlest, most soothing hug.

Key Features:

  • Personalised Warmth at Your Fingertips: With dual lighted controllers, both you and your companion can select your ideal temperature. It's like having an own comfort zone in your bed!
  • Tailored heat where you need it most: Choose between warming your torso and toasting your toes with distinct heating zones. It's like having a warm-hearted friend who understands exactly where you need additional warmth.
  • Cuddle in luxury: The super-soft foam core is encased in a plush Microplush shell, making every inch of this blanket a gentle caress on your skin.
  • Worry-Free, Easy Care: The detachable controls make washing simple, keeping your blanket fresh and cosy. It's as if your blanket has a spa day too!
  • Safety is a priority: With an overheating safeguard system that meets high safety regulations, you can be assured that your comfort comes with peace of mind.

The Bambury Premium Electric Blanket is designed for people who want to enjoy warmth rather than just cover yourself from the cold. It's ideal for pre-warming your snuggling spot or keeping you cosy while you fall asleep. Whether you're cuddling up with a nice book, sinking in for a movie night, or simply submitting to the arms of sleep, this blanket is your dependable partner in comfort. It's more than just a blanket; it's a warm hug on a cold night, a soothing whisper in a noisy world, and your personal oasis of calm. Welcome to the Bambury way of life, where every night is good.

Includes 1 Electric Blanket

Blanket Sizing (AU)

Single Size 91x193x40cm

Long Single Lefty Size 91x203x40cm

Long Single Right Size 91x203x40cm

King Single Size 107x203x40cm

Double Size 137x193x40cm

Queen Size 152x203x40cm

King Size 182x203x40cm

Top: Coral Fleece Lining: Foam

Coral Fleece Top with Foam Lining | SEE INSIDE PACKAGING FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS. Switch to OFF and remove plug from the wall before detaching the controller / May be hand washed / Cold machine wash on wool or delicate cycle / Do not wring, press water out while flat / Dry on stable clothesline, do not use pegs / Do not iron / Do not tumble dry / Do not turn the blanket on unless it is completely dry / Do not dry clean.

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