Sienna Living 4 Seasons 80% Goose Down 20% Goose Feather Quilt

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Australian Owned and Operated

Luxury 4 Seasons Goose Feather Down 2 in 1 Quilt by Sienna Living. This high-quality quilt is filled with 80% goose down and 20% goose feathers. When compared to a quilt with a higher feather content, the higher proportion of down clusters guarantees superior insulation. Goose down clusters are larger than duck down clusters, providing greater insulation and loft.

This adaptable quilt includes two distinct quilts that can be used separately or together, depending on your needs:

During the coldest months, clip both quilts together for optimum warmth.
Summer: For a lighter, more appropriate choice, use only one quilt.
Autumn and Spring: Use either quilt to attain the required level of warmth and comfort.

The Sienna Living Goose Down Quilt is handcrafted in Australia from high-quality, ethically obtained goose feathers and down. The cover is made of soft and smooth cotton japara, which enables the down's natural loft to fluff. The quilt's cassette-style, box-walled construction includes individually filled squares for even heat distribution.

Because of its natural fibers, this luxury feather down quilt provides warmth without adding weight and great breathability. It has excellent insulation, loft, drape, and suppleness. The quilt can be machine washed and dry cleaned.

This quilt has a 4.5 blanket rating out of 5, with 1 blanket weight being appropriate for summer when both quilts are clipped together.

The Sienna Living Luxury 4 Seasons 2 in 1 Quilt is proudly manufactured in Australia and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Quilt Sizing (AU)

Single 140x210cm

Double 180x210cm

Queen 210x210cm

King 240x210cm

Super King 270x240cm

Single 650 gram fill (250g + 400g)
Double 800 gram fill (300g + 500g)
Queen 1000 gram fill (400g + 600g)
King 1400 gram fill (450g + 650g)
Super King 1800 gram fill (600g + 900g)

Fill: 80% Goose Down / 20% Goose Feather
Cover: Cotton Japara

OEKO-Tex Certified - Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

What makes our quilts so great?

Unlike other down quilts on the market, we take the extra step in quality assurance.

The down and feathers are washed with special soaps and disinfectants to remove all impurities - washed a second time to ensure all impurities were removed. The down and feather are separated to ensure the quality of the feather is to the finest grade and quality. Once confirmed we then proceed to remove the dust from feathers which can cause allergies via our de-dusting procedure. Once this stage is complete the down and feather are air blown into our high quality cotton japara box cassette casings to ensure the filling is evenly distributed throughout the whole quilt. Our complete quality control process is managed right here in Australia.

Before using your new quilt, “fluff-up” and air it thoroughly for a few hours. this allows the genuine down and feathers to breathe. periodic airing will keep it fresh. dry clean (a) or hand wash with mild soap and water, rinse well dry without delay in a medium to low heated dryer.

Australian Made

Our quilts are made in Australia using only the finest quality materials.

5 Year Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our products with a workmanship warranty.

Superior Feather Down

Our feathers and down fillings are sourced ethically to guarantee the finest quality.

High Quality Loft

The premium cotton japara cover encases the feather and down, promoting its natural loft.

Cleaned and Tested to the Highest Standards

Thoroughly cleaned and tested feather and down fillings to ensure their purity and quality.

Evenly Distributed and Fluffy

Experience ultimate comfort with our high-quality quilts, featuring evenly distributed feather and down fillings blown into cotton casings for maximum fluffiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goose down clusters are generally larger than duck down clusters, providing better insulation and increased loft. However, both materials are effective insulators and suitable for quilts.

Consider your personal preferences, the climate where you live, and your bedroom temperature when selecting a quilt. The higher the warmth rating, the warmer the quilt will be. Refer to the warmth ratings provided for each quilt in the comparison table to help make your decision.

Yes, all the down and feathers used in our quilts are ethically sourced, ensuring that the animals are treated humanely during the collection process.

No, all our quilts should not be machine washed and should be dry cleaned. However, it's essential to follow the care instructions on the label to maintain the quality and longevity of your quilt.

All our quilts feature a cassette-style, box-walled construction, with a series of individually filled squares to maintain an even distribution of warmth.

All our quilts come with a 5-year guarantee, ensuring that you can trust the quality and durability of your purchase.

The cover material for all our quilts is high-quality cotton japara, which is soft, smooth, and allows the natural loft of the feather down to fluff.

To care for your quilt, air it regularly to maintain freshness and fluffiness. When washing, follow the care instructions on the label, using a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Dry your quilt thoroughly in a dryer or air dry in a well-ventilated area. Store your quilt in a dry, cool place when not in use.

Fill weight refers to the amount of down and feather filling in a quilt. Generally, a higher fill weight corresponds to a warmer quilt. However, fill weight alone may not be the best indicator of warmth, as factors such as down and feather ratios and loft also contribute to insulation. Refer to the warmth ratings provided for each quilt in the comparison table to help make your decision.

Yes, using a quilt cover with your quilt is recommended, as it protects the quilt from dirt and stains while adding a decorative touch to your bedding. Ensure that you choose the correct size quilt cover for your quilt.

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