Aren't Fitted Sheets The Worst? Here's A Quick And Easy Hack To Fold Them

Aren't Fitted Sheets The Worst? Here's A Quick And Easy Hack To Fold Them


Check out this simple guide in folding a fitted sheet and you may just make some more room in the linen cupboard at the same time.


We can all admit that at some point we have just stashed our fitted sheets into the back of the linen cupboard and just not think about them.


However, folding a fitted sheet doesn't have to be time-consuming and frustrating. At the Manchester Factory, we have made a nice and simple step-by-step video showing you how we like to fold fitted sheets and it can take less than a minute to do.


Not only will you have fewer crumpled sheets you may even find that you have more space in the linen closet for more Manchester.


What you will need

  • Fitted Sheet 
  • Flat Surface 




Here is a summary of the video 


There are so many alternative ways to folding a fitted sheet but this is just one way 


  1. Firstly you lay the fitted sheet out on a flat large surface with the elastic side facing up, this may depend on the surface you have at home. I like to use either the kitchen table or the bed.

  2. Draping your index finger inside each of the short end sides of the fitted sheet you then want to carry it up to the top end of the fitted sheets, then give it a little flick to ensure that it is all in and straight.

  3. Thirdly you want to lay the sheet down onto your flat surface if the sheet should represent an upside-down U shape.

  4. Bring up the bottom of the sheet so it is in line with the fitted elastic side, I like to then smooth it out first.

  5. Fold the top end vertically towards you and smooth it out once again.

  6. Finally, fold the fitted sheet horizontally 4 or 5 times ( depending on the size of your fitted sheets.
  7. Then simply store away in the linen cupboard with the matching pillowcases and flat sheet. 


It is that easy to fold a fitted sheet and also make more room in the linen closet at the same time. You may not get rid of right the first time but practice makes perfect. 

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