Bamboo Cotton Sheets - Ultimate Washing & Care Guide

Bamboo Cotton Sheets - Ultimate Washing & Care Guide



Perhaps you own bamboo bedding, or maybe you’re planning on buying some from the Sienna Living Bamboo Cotton Collection, either way, you will quickly see how bamboo sheets are becoming a must-have in many Australian households. In this guide, you will learn how simple it is to wash and care for your bamboo cotton sheets.


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Can I Machine Wash my Bamboo Cotton Sheets?

 Yes, you sure can!  When you are washing your bamboo sheets, make sure you use cold water on a gentle cycle – and wash them separately from any other fabrics such as cotton towels, blankets, etc. 


What laundry detergent can I use? 

 A mild laundry liquid detergent is recommended for bamboo cotton sheets. However, you may prefer washing powder, just make sure that you dissolve the powder in cold water first to avoid any abrasions.


Do I need to use Fabric Softeners for my bamboo sheets?

 No, you don't. One of the great things about bamboo sheets is that fabric softeners aren’t needed thanks to their natural bamboo fibres they stay super soft after washing. 


Can I use bleach on my bamboo cotton sheets? 

Please don't use bleach on your bamboo cotton sheets. Bleach is very harsh and can damage the fibres. 


Drying Bamboo Cotton Sheets

 We highly recommended you line dry your bamboo cotton sheets not only to protect the sheets but to preserve their delicate fibers.  

Tumble-drying bamboo sheets may cause shrinkage. If a dryer is your preference then it's recommended to use low heat or a gentle cycle which will reduce shrinkage.  


Storing Bamboo Cotton Sheets

Just like any other bedding, it is best to store your bamboo linen in a cool and dry place, out and away from direct sunlight.


Tip: Fold up your sheet sets and store them inside one of the pillowcases, this helps to keep the whole set together till they are needed next.


What about Pilling?

 Pilling is what we call the small little balls that you may notice on natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo after you wash or use them.

Pilling is caused by excess heat (washing in hot water or using hot heat in the dryer), abrasion from continual friction or rubbing (body stubble, long nails, washing with other hard fabrics), and harsh chemicals (detergents, bleach, fabric softener). 


Taking good care of your bedding doesn’t have to be difficult

It may be different then what you are used to, but following the care instructions provided to you by the manufacturer will ensure your investment lasts you a long time. 


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