The Essential Guide To Electric Blankets

The Essential Guide To Electric Blankets

We've all been there; you get into bed and it's so cold that you can't sleep and sometimes it is just as cold as it is outside. An electric blanket can be a lifesaver during the cold Australian winter months . With the right electric blanket, you can save on heating bills while staying toasty and warm all winter long. 

Electric blankets provide evenly distributed warmth without taking up much space in your bed or requiring a lot of effort to set up. In this guide, we'll explore the pros and cons of electric blankets, how to choose one that's right for you, and some of the best electric blankets on the market today. 

There are several factors to consider before adding one to your home—including fabric options, size, and cost—and there are also different kinds of electric blankets that are better suited to specific situations.

Here's how they work—and more importantly, how they'll help you sleep better this winter:


Electric Blanket Benefits 

Electric blankets can benefit you in several ways. They are mostly used as a warming devices, but they also provide other benefits to users. Some of these benefits include the following:

Help You Maintain Your Body Temperature

Electric blankets help you maintain your body temperature. In addition to keeping you warm at night—and helping reduce heating costs—electric blankets can also help improve sleep quality. As we age and our bodies get colder more quickly than they used to,.

Save energy with an efficient and inexpensive heating appliance

Electric blankets are an affordable way to add luxury to your life. With the cost of living going up an Electric blankets provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional heaters such as oil and electric heaters, so if you're looking for a good nights sleep, electric blankets are the product for you.

Better Night’s Sleep

Electric blankets are one of the best investments that you can make in your health and wellness. They will not only help you sleep better, but also allow for deeper and more efficient REM cycles throughout the night.

Fast Heating 

Electric blankets are designed to heat up quickly. They can do this because they're more efficient than your standard blanket and therefore use less energy to get the job done.

They are also more convenient then traditional heaters, as you don't have to keep changing the settings. This means that no matter what temperature you want, all it takes is a push of a button! 

Electric Blankets Double Bed

The first thing to consider when picking an electric blanket is what size bed or mattress you have. Most standard sized blankets are fully fitted and go over the mattress. For example, if you have a double bed, then a double electric blanket has the standard measurements to fit your double bed. 

However,  if you have a larger bed like a queen or king-sized bed then be sure to check that the electric blanket will fit the depth of the mattress before purchasing one, at the manchester factory; our electric blankets feature a 50cm depth. 

Another important consideration when choosing an electric blanket is how many people will be using it at once. If multiple people share the same bedding space ,it would be recommended to blanket that allows for dual control on the heat distribution.

Are Electric Blankets Safe 

Yes- However, it is important to always make sure that your electric blanket meets the strict Australian safety standards. Do not buy a second-hand electric blanket unless you can confirm that it has been tested and is safe to use.

All electric blankets in Australia must carry a safety standard code for household and similar electrical appliances, AS/NZS 60335.2.17:2012 so be on the look out while shopping for your electrical bedding.

The NSW Fire and Rescue recommends prior to use of all-electric blankets that they are tested. 

How are to wash Electric Blankets 

When using an electric blanket or throw it is important that you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer recommendations for use and care. 

Care Guide Linen House Quilted Electric Blanket 

Gentle machine wash on delicate cycle. Warm hand wash in neutral wool detergent. Do not wring. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry with a heater or hairdryer. Lines dry over several lines out of direct sunlight. Do not use pegs on heating wires. Do not iron or press with heat. Do not dry clean.


Having an electric blanket may sound like a luxury, but it can actually save you money. You won't have to turn the heat up so high, and your home will be warmer for longer! The best part is that you won't need any of those heavy winter blankets or comforters anymore - just throw an electric blanket over yourself and get cozy without feeling too hot or cold.

Now you know how to choose the best electric blanket or electric throw for your needs, it’s time to pick one out!

Take a look at our range and see what catches your eye.

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