The modern day bedspread is known as a coverlet

The modern day bedspread is known as a coverlet


You may remember whilst growing up your parents or even your grandparents used those old fashion flower-patterned padded quilts called bedspreads on their beds.
They were the norm and have essentially been phased out as the generations have grown up and styles have changed. These days a more modern alternative is now available called a coverlet and have become very popular in both the older generations but also in the younger generations.


What are coverlets?


The Coverlet is a cross between a bedspread and a quilt cover or doona cover as we called them here in Australia. They are essentially a quilted bed cover or blanket that comes with matching pillow shams however the coverlets unlike bedspreads are not made to cover the pillowcases.
The idea is to have the same look like a quilt cover or donna cover but with the ease of a bedspread. Simply throw the coverlet onto the bed, insert your pillows into the matching shams and add a cushion or two, and you are done. It's that simple.
Coverlets have become a real hit because they're just so easy to maintain, wash and make the bed. The main reason they have become such a hit is that you don't need to spend 20 minutes trying to fit them into a cover as you do with your quilt and quilt cover. 



Things to consider when buying a coverlet 


There are two main things you need to take into account when looking for a coverlet.


 Not all brands or styles are made to the same measurements so it is very important that even though the style might be a queen that you check the measurements. The best way to do this is to simply find the measurement then subtract the size of your mattress size.

This will give you an idea of what the drop will be on each side of the mattress after the mattress surface is covered. Remember coverlets are not bedspreads so they aren't made to drop to the floor.

Most will give 40cm to 45cm drop on either side of the mattress however it's always best to check especially if you have a high mattress you may need to buy a size up to cater for the extra drop you may need.



As with quilt covers, you will see that coverlets are also made in a range of materials and fabrics. The fabric types can be cotton, polyester, microfibre, satin, and even velvet. Most cheaper quality coverlets are made of polyester or microfibre which are generally quite thin and not very padded but are very easy to care for.

Higher quality coverlets generally will be made of a cotton cover and a pure cotton filling which makes them breathable but will make them have a bit more weight to them when compared to those with polyester fillings or completely made of polyester/microfibre.

The Coverlet is becoming the most popular bedding option for those wanting a simple and tidy bed look. Whilst they are a great option for the summer months by themselves or as an additional layer on top of your current bedding for the winter months.


If you like the idea of a coverlet for your bed or to freshen up a spare room in your home  check out our range of coverlets here.



"Love the Coverlet set and the efficient service

Absolutely love this coverlet set, it is a lovely colour and the quality of the fabric is great. Fast and efficient service, my set arrived within a week." - Rosie .S 

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