Why Sateen Weave Bamboo Bedding Is So Luxurious?

Bamboo bedding has gained popularity in many homes, yet it's important to note that not all bamboo bedding is of the same quality. The finest bamboo bedding is incredibly soft, providing a luxurious sensation against the skin. This is due to the highly absorbent and antibacterial properties of bamboo's natural fibres.

Bamboo cotton

Truly luxurious bamboo sheets are made with a sateen weave and an Egyptian cotton blend.

But what is 'Sateen Weave'? and what makes an Egyptian cotton weave so special?

Across the range of bamboo bedding, there are many products that help transform your bed into a naturally luxurious place to sleep.
From bamboo sheets and sheet sets through to bamboo mattress protectors, quilts and quilt-sets there are many options to choose.
Let's begin with bamboo sheets & learn what separates the truly luxurious from the ordinary.. 

What Is A Sateen Weave?

The Sateen weave is a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave, that exposes more surface area of the naturally soft & luxurious bamboo fibre.
The sateen weave gives a luxurious soft-as-silk feel and a premium silky, luminous sheen at a fraction of the price of silk sheets.
Sateen weave bamboo bedding is both durable and gentle, perfect for allergy sufferers and beautiful babies as well. 


What is an Egyptian Blend?

Adding an Egyptian cotton blend to bamboo sheets increases durability, and helps the bamboo sheets to hold their shape.

Some bamboo sheets are made without a sateen weave and with cheap cotton blends.

The best bamboo sheets have both a sateen weave and an Egyptian cotton blend. 

Blue Bamboo shees 

Introducing Sienna Living Sateen Weave Bamboo Bedding With Egyptian Cotton Blend. 

The Sienna Living range of sateen weave bamboo bedding adds luxurious comfort while the natural properties of bamboo ensure maximum breathability. 

 This natural breathability allows heat to escape while keeping you comfortable in bed. This makes the Sienna Living range perfect for hot Australian summer nights.

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