Australian Wool Blankets

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Why is Australia wool so good ?

  • Due to a number of variables, including Australia's particular climate and grazing conditions, as well as the knowledge of Australian wool growers and the wool industry as a whole, Australian wool is regarded as being of exceptionally high quality. 
  • Australian wool is a very sought-after and high-end substance due to a variety of factors, including distinctive environmental conditions, expert animal husbandry, and a dedication to innovation and sustainability.

What does the woolmark certification mean?

  • Woolmark certification is a globally recognized symbol of quality for wool products.
  • Products must go through rigours testing and adhere to stringent quality standards in order to receive Woolmark certification. These requirements encompass things like fibre quality, sturdiness, colorfastness, and more. 
  • For a variety of wool goods, including clothing, bedding, and carpets, Woolmark certification is offered. The certification proves that the item has undergone independent testing and satisfies the highest requirements for efficiency and quality. 
  • Additionally, it reassures customers that the product was manufactured ethically and sustainably and is made of real wool. Woolmark accreditation serves as both a quality indicator and a means for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition and win over customers.