Throws are a popular choice for anyone looking to add luxury to their home without breaking the bank. They come in all shapes and sizes. Manchester Factory has many of the most popular throws that can be used for your living room, bedroom and even for outdoor summer months. 

You can choose from soft and cozy throws that would be perfect for your bed, to luxurious and chic ones that will add style to your living room. 

Shop from our large range of Australia’s leading brands of throws including J Elliot, Bambury and Renee Taylor and many more

Match with coordinating cushions from our extensive collection to create a beautiful space in your home.


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Knitted Oslo Peacock Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95
Knitted Oslo Lilac Hint Throw Rug
$39.99 $99.95
Knitted Oslo Steel Blue Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95
Knitted Oslo Snow White Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95
Knitted Oslo Aqua Marine Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95
Bambury Tanami Tobacco Throw Rug
$121.99 $138.00
Bambury Tanami Bluestone Throw Rug
$121.99 $138.00
Classic Quilts Milan Throw
$69.99 $149.99
Knitted Oslo Cool Pool Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95
Bambury Microplush Silver Throw Rug
$43.99 $46.00
Classic Quilts Spring Bank Throw Rug
$69.99 $149.99
J.Elliot Vida Microplush Olive Throw
$86.99 $129.99
J.Elliot Zen Steel Blue Throw
$67.69 $81.99
Classic Quilts Chloe Throw
$69.99 $149.99
Knitted Oslo Barbie Doll Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95
Bambury Stewart Almond Throw
$76.99 $86.00
Bambury Avoca Bisque Throw Rug
$99.99 $115.00
Classic Quilts Blossom Throw Rug
$69.99 $149.99
Knitted Oslo Soft and Subtle Throw Rug
$49.99 $99.95