The only quilt that will keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature
made for hot & sweaty sleepers

Discover your perfect night's sleep with our premium bamboo quilts, expertly crafted to regulate your body temperature for an optimal night's sleep. With the natural temperature-balancing properties of our superior bamboo fill, rest assured you'll stay neither too warm nor too chilly. Each quilt is enveloped in a soft cotton japara cover, allowing your skin to breathe while offering a silky-smooth touch. Dive into luxury every night.

Sienna Living Bamboo Quilt

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Sienna Living Natural Bamboo All Seasons QuiltSienna Living Natural Bamboo All Seasons Quilt
Sienna Living Natural Bamboo All Seasons Quilt
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What makes our bamboo quilts so great?

At the heart of each quilt lies the exceptional bamboo fibre, renowned for its softness rivaling a blend of cashmere and silk. Beyond sheer luxury, our quilts boast unique micro-gaps and micro-holes, resulting in superior moisture absorption – an attribute that ensures unparalleled comfort in every climate.

Each quilt is also OEKO-Tex Certified, guaranteeing it's free from harmful substances and is kind to even the most sensitive skin. Coupled with natural antistatic properties, our quilts offer a gentle embrace, free from the clinginess found in other fabrics. The inherent antibacterial qualities of bamboo, powered by the unique 'bamboo kun' agent, ensure freshness and hygiene that outlasts conventional materials.

Designed for modern life, our quilts are also machine washable, ensuring easy care and lasting beauty. Meticulously crafted through a precise process, from fibre weighing to expert stitching and finishing, each quilt stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Environmentally conscious and exquisitely designed, our bamboo quilts are truly a blend of nature's brilliance and masterful craftsmanship.

Blue icon of thermal regulation that is half snow flake and half sun

Temperature regulation

The bamboo fill in the quilt helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you comfortable and ensuring you don't get too hot or too cold during the night.

Pure Bamboo Filling

With a pure bamboo fill, the quilt feels more like a blanket, providing a unique and comfortable sleeping experience. This feature appeals to those who prefer a less lofty quilt that still provides warmth and breathability.

a blue outline of a bamboo stalk
a blue icon of 3 layers expanded with arrows facing upwards indicating breathability


The cotton japara cover is breathable, allowing air to circulate and keeping you cool and comfortable.

Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Odour-resistant & Chemical-free

Bamboo is also odour-resistant, ensuring your quilt stays fresh and clean. Our bamboo quilts are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe and healthy to use.

oeko-tex certified

OEKO-TEX Certified

Tested for harmful substances

1 Year Warranty

Our Bamboo quilts have a one-year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

Our Bamboo Quilt Story

In a world where quality often takes a backseat to quantity, we embarked on a journey to craft quilts that are not only luxurious but also embody nature's finest attributes.

From the heart of bamboo groves, we extract an exquisite fibre that mirrors the softness of a blend between cashmere and silk. Beyond its velvety touch, this regenerated bamboo fibre offers benefits that set our quilts apart.

Imagine a fabric that absorbs moisture with twice the efficiency of cotton, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep, no matter the climate. This is achieved through its unique micro-gaps and micro-holes, allowing for exceptional ventilation. Unlike many fabrics, our bamboo fibre doesn't cling to your skin due to its natural antistatic properties. Instead, it drapes gracefully, offering a gentle embrace throughout the night.

Our commitment to the environment and quality doesn't stop at the sourcing. Bamboo, inherently resilient, grows without the need for pesticides, ensuring that our quilts remain pure and untainted. Scientists have unearthed a remarkable aspect of bamboo - the 'bamboo kun'. This natural agent imbues our quilts with antibacterial and deodorising properties, ensuring that they remain fresh and hygienic longer than most fabrics.

The meticulous process of crafting our quilts begins with the auto card machine, transforming the fibre from roll to scatter. Each piece is carefully weighed, ensuring consistency and quality. Our dedicated multi-quilting machines and single-needle quilting machines artfully stitch the quilts, and precision edges are crafted using a specialized piping machine. But before any quilt reaches you, it undergoes rigorous inspection, ensuring you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

In choosing our bamboo quilts, you're not just opting for luxury and comfort but also embracing an eco-friendly choice. Perfect for homes, spas, hotels, and even decorative needs, our quilts echo the essence of nature, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship.

This isn't just a product; it's our legacy, our commitment to delivering the very essence of nature's comfort, cradling you night after night. Join us on this journey and experience the distinction that sets our bamboo quilts apart.‎

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