Mirage Haven Carter Flange Linen Dark Blue 30x50cm Cushion Cover

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Size: 30x50cm
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The Mirage Haven Carter Flange Linen Dark Blue 30x50cm Cushion Cover is the ideal combination of comfort and design. This 30x50cm cushion cover, made of 100% slub cotton and polylinen, provides luscious texture and depths of colour to any décor. Its adaptable design complements a wide range of interior styles, including Hamptons, Neutral Luxe, Elegant Tropical, Earthy Coastal, and Island Haven. It includes a simple 30x50cm flange for a smooth fit, as well as a touch of refinement for maximum comfort. Furthermore, you can be confident that it is built to last; its excellent quality construction provides superior wear and tear resistance, allowing you to use it repeatedly.

  • Perfect Comfort: The Mirage Haven cushion cover, made of 100% slub cotton and polylinen, will transport you to another world. The excellent quality of the fabric provides unrivalled softness and comfort, making it the ideal addition to your opulent hideaway.
  • Unrivalled Style: The rich and brilliant hues of the Mirage Haven cushion cover add an element of refinement and depth to any décor. The adaptable form works well with a variety of interior designs, including the luxury Hamptons, neutral Luxe, graceful Tropical, earthy Coastal, and Island Haven.
  • Seamless Fit: The Mirage Haven cushion cover has a handy 30x50cm flange that assures a seamless fit and adds a touch of refinement to your decor. Its great size and shape make it an excellent addition to any area, adding a touch of elegance and comfort.
  • Superior Durability: The Mirage Haven cushion cover is built to last, with superior quality construction that makes it very resistant to wear and tear. This means you'll be able to enjoy its opulence for many years to come, making it an investment in your comfort and taste.
  • The Mirage Haven cushion cover oozes timeless luxury and is the ideal compliment to your sophisticated decor. The Mirage Haven cushion cover gives a touch of luxury and sophistication to any decor, whether you're resting in your living room or relaxing in your bedroom.

Includes 1 Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover Sizing (AU)


100% slub cotton, polylinen

Dry-clean only. Vacuum to remove surface dust. Use caution with linen sprays, which may cause fabric discolouration or staining. Avoid rubbing fabric, especially short-fibre fabrics like cotton, to prevent abrasion and pilling. Exercise extreme caution when using waterproof or stain-proof sprays, especially on non-washable fabrics like velvet. Always patch test first for colour fastness. Prevent fading by avoiding extended sun exposure. The Australian climate can be tough on fabrics.

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