Sheridan Outlet Ultra Light Luxury Face Washer

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Size: 33x33cm
Colour: Steel
Comes in packs of 11

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This Sheridan Outlet Ultra Light Luxury Face Washer is a lightweight towel made with AIR TWIST™ technology, providing an ultra-soft feel and excellent absorbency. Crafted from 100% cotton yarns, it is quick drying and offers an indulgent luxurious feel with an impressive 450GSM.

Includes 1 Face Washer

Sheridan Towels

Face Washer (640gsm) 33x33cm

100% Air Twist 450GSM

Sheridan recommends that this product be laundered using a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees. The warm water temperature setting is more effective at removing dirt and natural body oils and more importantly in removing chemical residue of the detergents from the fabric. Detergent residue will deteriorate the fabric fibres if they are not rinsed out properly.

The gentle wash cycle protects the fibres used in our product construction. With the slow cycle, the products are left in the washing machine for a longer period of time ensuring dirt and body oils are removed completely and all detergent is rinsed out of the fabric properly.

We recommend you use a mild detergent and wait until it is fully diluted in the water before putting the item in the washing machine. Undiluted detergents can cause staining on the fabric. Read the amount recommended on the laundry liquid bottle or box to determine how much to use.

Sheridan uses superior quality yarns that have a natural, inbuilt softness. Avoid using fabric softeners, as these will reduce the absorbency of your towels.

To improve the fluffy appearance and the absorbent properties of the cotton fibres, tumble dry your towels regularly. If you line dry your towels, try to take them off the line before they are completely dry. Finish them off in the dryer as this will fluff them up. Do not over dry your towels on the line as this will make them harsh and crunchy on the skin.

Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Products are not suitable for commercial laundry.

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